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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Right after the Poem Broadcast!

By now the first broadcast should have finished and I’m probably off visiting somebody in Tutong or Belait. Hopefully I didn’t sound too monotonous while I was reading mine since recording devices and me don’t seem to get along. I also don’t get along with ring files and lighters. I keep breaking or losing them.

Here are the poems from the radio broadcast but they’re not in order of the broadcast because I don’t remember who went in what order. I’m told by a couple of friends that I was pushing it a bit with my source material but I’ll say this if you were offended by my poem in any way, “I’m sorry you feel that way but if you can’t laugh at yourself then you’re basically the inspiration behind it.”

Unfortunately I was only able to post up six of the nine poems since I couldn’t reach the last three members of our group in time. There’s a poll on the sidebar that I’ll keep up until a week after school starts up again so please vote for whichever poems you like. Multiple votes allowed so just check the ones you liked.

Mine – The Noisiest Month of the Year

What noisy people!
What noisy cheers!
Such a noisy celebration!
All for a month, for every single year!

They're lighting up their houses!
They're shooting at the stars!
Night looks like day!
They have way too many cars!

They migrate every hour!
From abode to abode!
They're wasting so much power!
My circuits want to overload!

These crazy Bruneians!
Them and their food!
I can't stand it anymore!
I'm joining in too!

Hanisah - Hari raya

It’s Hari Raya,
Day after puasa.
So we’ll be stuffing ourself
With yummy food right off the shelf.

It’s Hari raya,
Day after puasa.
We meet distant families;
But for kids, it’s for the monies.

It’s Hari Raya,
Day after puasa.
Every night: fluorescent light;
Fireworks: noise and smoke of delight.

It’s Hari raya,
Day after puasa.
I’m in my room slumped with dejection,
For after this are my examinations.

Nadzirah - Head Over Heels

My hair set and my baju kurong put on
I'm ready to go. Oh wait! Hold on!
The box shiny, the inside shimmering
I opened the lid and there it lay...
My new Raya shoes HOORAY!
The smell of expensive leather
The softness of its texture
I slipped them carefully one at a time
Admiring it's colour that, of ripe lime
My cheeks warm with pleasure
This gorgeous shoe I shall treasure.

Yet for all that it was, it was unrequited
As every step I take, the blisters on my heel's resurrected
I wanted to scream but had to refrain
As it's that lady-like picture I had to maintain
Only God knows how much I had to suffer
For every second the blisters are growing bigger and tougher.

Back at home, after a tiringly painful day
I took them off and had a long rest
I looked at the shoes with dismay
And rubbed my feet which looked a mess
I surely know what I had to do
I picked up the shoes and had a last scan
Before placing them carefully,in the trash can.

Faizul – Raya Poem

I look at my watch to check the time,
Waiting for the day we all forgive and forget,
My little sister with her cute little dress,
Waiting for the day we all ignore our past regret,

I look at my watch to check the time,
Fire crackers were still played outside like the fourth of July,
My little sister with her cute little smile,
Happily dancing to a Hari Raya melody,

I look at my watch to check the time,
After a month of fasting in Ramadan,
And going to the mosque for Terawih and to recite the Quran,
Is it time? Is it now? Or is it still an hour away?
My little sister starts to jump around because it’s Hari Raya she say,

Afiq - Smile for Hari Raya!

This city, so pretty with colourful lights hanging on the streets,
Chanting anxiety and anticipating the day I await,
Again, I walked through the same road to see this nostalgic place,
and tomorrow shall be my happiest day.

The day came and Hari Raya comes pledging translucent victory,
Making surprises beyond my greatest expectations,
As celebrations bring the lost to found and bonds closer now,
Uncountable bonds with family, friends and cousins.

A sense of forgiveness swallows the past sins,
Rejuvenating the love and caring feelings for one another,
On the very morning we all devote ourselves to the Almighty,
vowing our eternal love to Allah to the very end.


I wake up on that day feeling fresh and new,
New clothes, new decorations, new haircut and new ‘it’s a new you’,
We pour our hearts to everyone and welcoming
them at the front Door,
Pampering them with tasty drinks
and feasting on extravagant cakes, ‘ketupat’, ‘Satay’, ‘Rendang’
and so much more.

At the end of the day,
We gather around to spare for a remembrance,
While smiling merrily for the camera,
And it’s a memory that will remain in me forever,
As I wish everyone a ‘Selamat Hari Raya’.

Qalbi - Once A Year Comes Hari Raya

Once a year comes Hari Raya a month lasting,
A festive season after two fortnights of fasting,
The echo of Takbir in the still morning air,
Signaling the official beginning of a month so fair.
A month for forgiveness,
Looking out for each person’s best interests,
Families envelope in an atmosphere of togetherness,
All united: father, mother, sons and daughters.
Fireworks flicker across the starry skies,
Little children fill the festive evening with their excited cries,
Doors to houses still open wide to visitors,
Welcoming anymore invited madams and sirs.
Tiny green packets litter the ground,
Scattered sweet wrappers on the floor elegantly carpet-bound,
Empty glasses pile up on the kitchen sink,
Hassling with chores unbearable than one may begin to think.
Slowly the doors close, swinging and soundless,
Neon lights continue to sparkle in the darkness,
A day of Raya has finally come to its end,
For tomorrow is yet another Raya to spend.

That’s it for now so have a nice Hari Raya and don’t forget to vote for your favorite poems in the poll. Incidentally this will be reposted after the second broadcast too, hopefully with the rest of the poems.

Click HERE to go to the poll.

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