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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Video: A Boquet for the Magical Girls by KOKIA


For those of you not in the know, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica's final two episodes won't be showing till mid-April so those of you waiting in anticipation for 11's stream twelve hours should save themselves from being in left in despair later by finding something else to do. I myself was shocked and filled with a sudden emptiness when I heard about the latest delay but then after a few seconds it hit me that April wasn't all that far away so I got better. Time goes by so quickly these days. Being a Meguca fan is indeed suffering. And I really need to get back to blogging on a regular basis. That's why I decided post up this Madoka MAD by KOKIA that should relieve the emptiness a little bit but it may also induce some level of sadness as it's going to remind you just how bad the girls of the series have it. The song certainly is nice to listen to but it's the imagery that will get to you for this video. Enjoy their grief.

魔法少女に花束を by KOKIA

And if that wasn't enough to fill your usual Meguca is suffering quota for the week then this speculah image probably will. I expect something of at least this level for the canon end since it is Gen Urobuchi's spawn after all.


Translated image courtesy Gelbooru.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Video: Ashita he by Rap-bito, Clear & Ryo

This seems to be Ryo's latest work and it's the first song in long while that he's released outside of Supercell. I was under the impression he wouldn't be making any new songs to post on nico nico douga but to my pleasant surprise there it was sitting there at no. 16 of yesterday's rankings. This PV certainly made up for my disappointment with "Perfect Day" despite amazing animation work they did on the song's PV. "Perfect Day", Supercell's latest pv showed up there not too long ago but I felt that it was kinda underwhelming for a Supercell song so I didn't bother to post it up till now. I certainly did like it more than "Utakata no Hanabi" and Nagi's vocals are amazing as usual, might even be her best work so far, but these slow paced songs they come up with just aren't all that fun to listen to. "Ashita he", Towards Tomorrow in english, starts off slow for effect but then grows into a strong, sentimental tune matching the encouragement that the girl in the video is getting. Here's hoping Nagi or Wotamin does a cover of this song cause it's quite easy to imagine how amazing this would sound with voices like theirs.

Towards Tomorrow by Rap-bito, Clear & Ryo

Perfect Day by Supercell

Additionally, let's hope the situation in Japan doesn't get any worse. It's only been day one and there's always that possibility of a second quake coming soon.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Video: Charlotte Dunois Circulation

Renai circulation strikes once again the form of an Infinite Stratos MAD based on the fact that the most popular girl in the super dense main character's harem is also voiced by the same seiyuu who sang the song way back when Bakemonogatari was airing. I haven't actually watched the country wars anime past the first episode since it reeked of generic harem and cg mecha but even I have to admit that Charlotte Dunois is the epitome of the concept that otaku know as moe. Providing that Hanazawa Kana doesn't voice another incarnation of heart attack inducing cuteness this year(Based on how many roles she's been getting lately, it's actually quite possible), I am absolutely sure that she's going to bag the Saimoe contest this year by a huge landslide. Be sure to enjoy watching this video cause she's the reason I'll be marathoning what I suspect is a less than mediocre series when it ends.

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