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Friday, 29 May 2009

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Redux!

I recently got my hands on the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Gurren-Hen Movie and let me just say that if you're a guy and you fail to get pumped up while watching it, YOU FAIL AT BEING A MAN AND MIGHT AS WELL GO AND GET YOURSELF CASTRATED! Seriously though, something is wrong with you if you don't. Even girls get pumped up watching it (Beware of such girls as they are more than likely able to kick ass).

It was great to watch the series all over again for probably the 7th time but in a summarized way. There are new scenes but not that many and there was actually a montage in there of the episodes between stealing Enki’s helmet and facing off with the eastern beast army. It even included clips from the dvd version of episode 6 and a bonus shot of Yoko wearing glasses while reading. Yoko gets a lot of love in the movie version considering the glasses show that they weren’t just part of her Yomako-sensei persona and that there was about half a minute of her going topless in a catfight with Adiane. I do wonder if Yoko fans are satisfied with the extra fanservice or if they still scream at GAINAX for full exposure. Chances are it’s the latter but I’m too lazy to check Gurren Lagann forums for the answer. What I do know is that both Nia and Yoko get full exposure in the next one which I'll go into after this.

It’s been a while since I watched the original series so it was nice to see all the characters being awesome again. Any anime that can make me feel anything by watching it is a great anime. And I really do mean that, people usually ask for my opinion on whether a certain series is good or not whenever they’re not sure to buy/watch/ download it. In the movie’s case, it heated up my blood once more with Kamina and Simon’s speeches of GARsome. I actually felt like shouting with them while I was watching it and any scene that could make feel that way has to be excellent or the cold heartless me who laughs while watching ridiculously over the top and silly love tragedies will do nothing more than smirk. I say smirk because when I smile to myself it always ends up looking like I have some mischief planned. I can’t help it though, to me playing tricks on people is just as entertaining as great stories so me smiling to myself is either a sign of trouble or enjoyment. I wonder if I should be worried that I my urges to perform some act of evil outnumbers my testosterone driven urges by at least seven fold? I can’t help it if I have morbid sense of humor.

Here are some AMVs that retain the spirit of TTGL in them:

Kimaguren - Life

Black Parade

A Disney Song Made Epic by Kamina

Gurren Lagann Parallel Works 8 HD

Now onto the second movie. It came out just last month so those of us who didn't have the extra cash to fly out to japan and go watch the movie at the theaters there will have to wait about 6 more months till it comes out. Until then I'll be suffering in agony waiting it to reach these shores. Why? It's because the next movie won't be a summarization like the first one but will be made of mostly new scenes with changes in plot and scripts based on the novelisation and a completely revamped ending. Based on what I heard, the second movie outdoes the second half of the anime in every single way and we even get to see a Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann that looks like a giant Kamina.

Here are the highlights of the movie:
-More Characterisation For Simon and Nia
- Redrawn Scenes
- 30 Minute Long Fight Scene Between TTGL and Anti-Spirals
- LOLtastic scene for Lord Genome who also happens to go naked sometime during the movie
- We get to see what Shimon does after he left.
- Cathedral Lazengann vs. Arc Gurren Lagann
- Final Simon vs. Anti-Spiral Fistfight ala Liquid Snake
- Extra Time-Skip Scenes
- Nia and Kittan still die but the rest of the Gurren Brigade live
- More Parallel Universes Scenes that could make you cry (I'm hoping for new parallel works videos)
- 16 Different Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
- Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Here are screenshots I could find:

Nia & Simon About to Kiss

Cathedral Lazengann vs. Arc Gurren Lagann

Nia's Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Sorubaania (Allegedly named based on the phrase "Soba ni iru" which means "By your side")

SUPER TENGEN TOPPA GURREN LAGANN!! I'd prefer to just call it Kamina Lagann though...

That's it for now. 0 Gundam and Exia R2 will be released on the 5th in Japan so I'll probably get mine on the 10th. I may be canceling Susanoo though due to lack of funds and the unwillingness to to wait till the 18th for my gunpla since that's during the holidays and I won't be able to pick them up then. Enjoy this Yoko PV.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

2nd Advent of the Anime Goddess and Domo-kun!

The goddess of anime has come! You know what that means! The war of Haruhi-Mio Wars will begin soon! It’s practically impossible for it not to happen. Haruhi’s second advent has 2ch and 4chan in an uproar and many are wondering what exactly were the Kadokawa heads smoking when they came up with the marketing strategy. It’s only a matter of time before someone goes “Haruhi pwns Mio any day!” and then the opposition will shout “Hypefag! Mio’s WAAAAAAY better!” and then finally comes the ALL CAPS LOCK RAGE FEST! I think I will enjoy the coming war very much since these fandom wars usually results in some very high quality artwork. It’s probably already started in 2ch since the Japanese otakus are extremely hardcore about it. How hardcore? They're hardcore enough to go over and stay at hotels in Saitama, the first region to get the new episode, because they can't wait a few days to see it air in their region. They are THAT hardcore! I've also been reading Naoki Urasawa's 20th Century Boys and though the plot is really hard to fully understand, it's still a pretty good read and it gave me a character I really want to cosplay as, Tomodachi or "Friend". All I have to do is make a suit and the mask and I have a pretty memorable costume. Can't wait to freak people out.

Wallpaper Sized

I came up with an interesting feature to add to my blog. I’m going to put a list on all the Gunpla that’s coming out in the future from now in on the sidebar. Or at least the ones I’ll actually be able to get my hands on. Red is for kits yet to be announced officially, have no release date and info are based on hearsay, speculation or rumors from fans, Yellow for kits that have been announced and are months away from a release and Green for kits that are meant to be released during the current and next month. I’ll add on to the list every time I hear of new kits and remove those that have already been released. It seems that I really am meant to be on the side of evil since I am actually helping out Bandai indirectly this way. It won’t be long until I’m proven right about that RX-78-2 monument actually being combat able and they use it to take over the world. Sunrise science is way ahead of our time after all. I also came up with some new ways to exploit cherudim and the excaliburs I have.

The Holy Sword

Fold the guns down and you get holsters for excaliburs

This would have looked so much better as an aerial pose...

GN-X has to be my favourite grunt mecha of all time. It's perfect as an evil knight.

Earlier today, me, Rif and Khai decided to take a trip to see what the Chong Hock Kiulap Toynation section had in store for us. I went there anticipating a couple of Haruhi summer ver. Figmas waiting for us as I figured that it would be a good idea to commemorate the return of Haruhi-sama by purchasing her figma. Hopes crashed down as there was only one left in stock so I let Khai get it along with the Kagamine Rin Figma cause he saw it first yesterday. Looks like I'll just have to wait for the rerelease version cause that camera she comes with could make for a lot of fun photos. However, I did come across a couple of items that were worth the trip there, a Domo-kun lantern and a box of a 1/144 U.C. gun with a display stand. Unfortunately, despite how good the gun I got looked already, the others that I could have got were a whole lot cooler. I was hoping for the blue rifle on the box or the bazooka but I ended up with a GM's machine gun. It was worth the 7 bucks I spent on it though so I'll probably try my luck again next time.

I wanted that one...

Catalog, Item Data and Questionaire

Looks quite old from this. They don't make MSiA toys anymore either.

All ready to be assembled

Reminds me of those assasins in movies that assemble their guns at their operation areas

Assemble it for me Kagami! Attach the sight to the trigger.

Twist on the nozzle...

Add in the rifle stock...

And slide in the magazine

All ready for combat!

Actually fits quite snugly in Cherudim's hand

Looks good as a rifle...

And as a pistol too

The display stand for the gun

Excalibur always seems to look good in my pictures

And here's Domo-kun! Stuck in a latern!



Stay there and think about what you've done!

Well that's it for now. I plan to gut and cut open domo-kun intorder to insert a skeleton make of bionicle parts into him so I can get a posable domo-kun. Once I do that I got a skit I want it to do for me.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Kagamiku & Hatsune Miku Figmas, Finally!

I've Been Waiting For This!

How many of you are experiencing MGS flashbacks after reading that? After months of waiting, my figmas finally came into my possession yesterday and I finally got a look at what figmas are like. To be perfectly honest, I am somewhat disappointed with them. They're perfectly fine on their own but I bought them thinking that I could get them to hold my gundam weapons. I was wrong. They can't even hold onto my Saber Alter's excalibur and the HGUC beam saber doesn't go all the way through in the hands. I guess I set my expectations too high but that's because everyone kept saying that figmas are better than revoltech. My opinion is that revoltech does a better job getting along with gundams but are more or less about the same compared with figmas on their own. I think the reason for the preference for figmas is because figmas are made to be humans or rather humanoid and have all those optional parts only while revoltech only have optional faces for the humans and also comes in robots and other non human things. My advice to gundam collectors who plan on ordering figmas is to remember that they don't hold gundam weapons very well.

Other than the fact that they don't integrate very well with my gundams, both of them are pretty good items and make for good photos, especially Kagamiku. Miku is a little flawed though since one of the faces have a streak of blue paint across it and the pointy nose bothers me as well. It makes me wonder if this rerelease of theirs is actually their way of selling all the extra Mikus they had on hand because even the stand is a little different from my Kagamiku's since Cherudim's Shield Bits fit perfectly on Kagamiku's but kept falling off on Miku's stand. The flaws however aren't enough to make me regret buying since I'm sure I can come up with a lot more interesting photos with these two. Still waiting for them to make a Nanoha Exceed form Figma but the next one I'll go after will probably be Yagami Hayate or Shana. Hayate because because she looks like pretty high quality stuff and Shana because I just realized that her katana is really long. That's going to be after august though since I have to collect up funds for an event that will be detailed upon once I hear the KDN has approved of the event.

Side View

Back of Miku's box

Back of Kagamiku's box. Face can be exchanged with normal version's faces.

Top View

Each comes with their own background.

Miku's background is all SHINY

How to change the face

Beneath the mask...

The phrase "heads will roll" comes to mind here

Kagamiku's Set: 2 Leeks, 10 Hands, 1 Stand, "Ugh" Face & Blushing Face

Miku's Set: 2 leeks, 1 Microphone, 1 Microphone Stand, 1 Stand, 10 Hands, 1 Smiling Face & 1 Singing Face

Prepare to sing

She doesn't like the fourth wall

They also come with bags to store them in for easy travel. I don't know whether to say that's cool or a little creepy.



From a fanart somewhere on the internet...
Tsukasa: What's a Tsundere?
Konata: A person like Kagami.
Tsukasa: A violent person... O_O

Kira Pose!

You do it too, Kagami!

Pierce the Heavens!

Why leeks?

Dere Dere Mode On!


Gundams are compatible with figma stands

A few more of these and it'd be Epic!

Speak clearly into the Mic...

Don't be shy!

Miku believes shoving leeks up your ass is the way cure colds. Try at your own riskLock and Load!

Use the force Miku...

Leek Guard!

Temporary repair measures...

Bow down to the Saimoe Queen!

He's a terrorist!

She's making do this!

Too much Bandai!

Until next time when I'll have thought of more things to do with these two, please suffer in agony as I deny you the panty shots (surprisingly detailed items) you so wish to see with incredible rage and frustration. Insert Leopard laugh here.

What do you think I meant by this pose?
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