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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Kagamiku & Hatsune Miku Figmas, Finally!

I've Been Waiting For This!

How many of you are experiencing MGS flashbacks after reading that? After months of waiting, my figmas finally came into my possession yesterday and I finally got a look at what figmas are like. To be perfectly honest, I am somewhat disappointed with them. They're perfectly fine on their own but I bought them thinking that I could get them to hold my gundam weapons. I was wrong. They can't even hold onto my Saber Alter's excalibur and the HGUC beam saber doesn't go all the way through in the hands. I guess I set my expectations too high but that's because everyone kept saying that figmas are better than revoltech. My opinion is that revoltech does a better job getting along with gundams but are more or less about the same compared with figmas on their own. I think the reason for the preference for figmas is because figmas are made to be humans or rather humanoid and have all those optional parts only while revoltech only have optional faces for the humans and also comes in robots and other non human things. My advice to gundam collectors who plan on ordering figmas is to remember that they don't hold gundam weapons very well.

Other than the fact that they don't integrate very well with my gundams, both of them are pretty good items and make for good photos, especially Kagamiku. Miku is a little flawed though since one of the faces have a streak of blue paint across it and the pointy nose bothers me as well. It makes me wonder if this rerelease of theirs is actually their way of selling all the extra Mikus they had on hand because even the stand is a little different from my Kagamiku's since Cherudim's Shield Bits fit perfectly on Kagamiku's but kept falling off on Miku's stand. The flaws however aren't enough to make me regret buying since I'm sure I can come up with a lot more interesting photos with these two. Still waiting for them to make a Nanoha Exceed form Figma but the next one I'll go after will probably be Yagami Hayate or Shana. Hayate because because she looks like pretty high quality stuff and Shana because I just realized that her katana is really long. That's going to be after august though since I have to collect up funds for an event that will be detailed upon once I hear the KDN has approved of the event.

Side View

Back of Miku's box

Back of Kagamiku's box. Face can be exchanged with normal version's faces.

Top View

Each comes with their own background.

Miku's background is all SHINY

How to change the face

Beneath the mask...

The phrase "heads will roll" comes to mind here

Kagamiku's Set: 2 Leeks, 10 Hands, 1 Stand, "Ugh" Face & Blushing Face

Miku's Set: 2 leeks, 1 Microphone, 1 Microphone Stand, 1 Stand, 10 Hands, 1 Smiling Face & 1 Singing Face

Prepare to sing

She doesn't like the fourth wall

They also come with bags to store them in for easy travel. I don't know whether to say that's cool or a little creepy.



From a fanart somewhere on the internet...
Tsukasa: What's a Tsundere?
Konata: A person like Kagami.
Tsukasa: A violent person... O_O

Kira Pose!

You do it too, Kagami!

Pierce the Heavens!

Why leeks?

Dere Dere Mode On!


Gundams are compatible with figma stands

A few more of these and it'd be Epic!

Speak clearly into the Mic...

Don't be shy!

Miku believes shoving leeks up your ass is the way cure colds. Try at your own riskLock and Load!

Use the force Miku...

Leek Guard!

Temporary repair measures...

Bow down to the Saimoe Queen!

He's a terrorist!

She's making do this!

Too much Bandai!

Until next time when I'll have thought of more things to do with these two, please suffer in agony as I deny you the panty shots (surprisingly detailed items) you so wish to see with incredible rage and frustration. Insert Leopard laugh here.

What do you think I meant by this pose?

1 comment:

  1. Hi RAM, too bad that u didn't get the best FIGMA experience on ur 1st FIGMA, probably you get the bad one out of many produced by the factory.

    I have 13 FIGMA now and I admit one of them is not great, the joint is quite soft - but the other 12 that I got is perfect.

    As for using Gundam weapons on FIGMA, should be no problem but also depend on which FIGMA model that you have coz the hand size varies.

    You can see my FIGMA SUN SETO review =

    "I use lots of Gundam weapons on her simply because she have the suitable hand size to hold them... but my other FIGMA from LUCKY STAR cant do that."

    I also try swords from Bleach on some of my FIGMA, see here =

    As for who is better, Revoltech or Figma... no comment on that, I believe each toys/brand have it's own strength and weakness... at the end it's all came down to personal taste and price.


    Shewsbury Land


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