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Saturday, 16 May 2009

1/100 Avalanche Exia

A few days ago my dad headed off to Kuala Lumpur for a course related to his job. He came back on Friday and he brought back souvenirs. One of them was the Avalanche Exia kit I first wanted when I learnt how to order stuff online. That ran out of stock just as I placed an order so I’ve only managed to get it about a year after I tried ordering it. What’s that saying? “Good things come to those who wait”. I’ve been waiting for a good time to get it and in the end I didn’t have to spend any money to get it.

With Avalanche Exia in my possession, I now have 20 intact gundam model kits. The majority of them are 00 and 1/100 kits. Unfortunately, my 00 Raiser’s right arm broke off at the elbow on Wednesday while I was trying to apply the decals I ordered. Apparently, it wasn’t smart of me to leave Seravee’s bazooka in its hand for such a long time. Here I thought, the first part to break off would be the twin drive shoulders because of how heavy the Raiser wings are. It’s still intact though but the right arm is beyond my ability to repair. Because of that, I have decided to make a diorama following the ED scene in the fourth ED since it’s broken at just the right part for the right arm. I’ve got a good idea on how to make the field and the battle damage but the tricky part will be the moss on the 00 gundam itself. I’ll probably end up buying the HG Trans-Am Raiser and the MG 00 Raiser Designer’s Ver. You just know Bandai’s got planned.

The ED scene

Speaking of which, there’s a variant of the 0 Raiser called the XN Raiser coming out and it looks much more modern than the original version. I suppose it’s meant for the movie and a HG kit will eventually come out but I think I’ll go pre-order the September Hobby Japan issue that has it as a special prize along with the Reborns Gundam and Gaddess set to come out at the same time. By the way, I HATE WATER SLIDE DECALS. Those damn things get ripped apart way too easily and are way too hard to put on properly. Such a waste of cool 00 Raiser decals. At least the action base was good. This time it was much larger than I expected and it had a pretty cool feature. I could put the stands of the action bases I ordered last time and the thing didn’t topple over. I’ll be sure to order another one in the future and some sparkling green action base 2 to match the base.

00 pulling off a CQC pose ala Snake

No amount of splints and bandages can fix this arm

On a side note, Twin drives are actually about the same size as a normal drive.

My brand spanking new Sparkling Green Action Base 1

Lots of slots for lots of stands

“We’ve got your back!”

Now onto Avalanche. It took me about 9 hours to finish the entire thing, 6 hours for the torso and 3 for the legs and weapons. I took my time with this one since my markers were just the right colors for this kit and because of that, the entire thing turned out great as you can see from the pictures below. Unfortunately, as badass as the thing looks , all that extra armor really affected the mobility and is so top heavy that it’s actually fallen down standing more often than my 00 Raiser has which is a little odd since it weighs less and the center of gravity should be better. Nevertheless it’s still very impressive to look at and the double open palm hands do make up for the lack of mobility since I can make a couple more interesting poses with it.

Mega L337 7 Swords Storage System

Pretty Sweet Celestial Being Decal

Comparison Shot. That’s my brother’s Exia. No, it’s not like that for a repair conversion


It can't actually reach the beam saber...

Bring it on!



The GN sword was clumsy before but now... Let’s hope the new MG ver. fixes that

Seravee: 7 swords? I’ve got eight!

If only it were a shotgun…

Seravee’s bazookas are too heavy for normal wrists

You know this thing is badass.

That’s it for the Avalanche. My Kagamiku and Miku figmas are finally in stock and are on their way to Brunei as we speak. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it on Monday since the chemistry practical on Tuesday may make it hard for me to pick it up that day. I’ve learnt that they’ve made an interesting set of bases for figmas at 560 yen each that I should be able to use for my 1/144 gunpla kits. The thing about these bases is that I can use them to set up actual aerial battles. I can actually build a diorama from them but that’s going to take a lot of money to make so I’ll just have to order them gradually. I wonder why is it Bandai hasn’t made a wall display base since that would be nice any of their kits. They should have realized the marketability of such an item by now. Then again they haven’t released the Sefer-Rasiel kits yet so who knows. Please look forward to my next post covering my new figmas! The leeks of war are upon us!

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