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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Mix & Match

I watched bits of the modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet starring Leonardo Dicaprio yesterday in GP and two things came into my head while I was watching it. 1)How old is this movie since he looks way younger than he does now and 2) It’d be so awesome if Hot Fuzz was done with Shakespearean dialogue. The movie is already over the top but just imagining Sgt. Angel shouting something like “Doth thou bite your thumb at me sir?!” is already pretty damn epic. I’d love to hear how Shakespeare would have written the lines for the shootout scenes. I remember watching Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail movie with the Shakespeare subs and that was pretty entertaining.

Monty Python and Bleach fans should understand...

This week's episode of K-On! marks its fourth week on air and KyoAni really dropped a bomb this week. This bomb has set off a chain reaction of many new Mio fanart at a speed I've never seen before. The reason for this is because the masterminds at KyoAni decided to do a beach episode showing how shy Mio can be and also put her into a maid outfit as well. It'll only get crazier from here since there are a lot more situations in the manga that those guys can exploit. We might as well just forego the Saimoe competition this year and just proclaim Mio queen of 2009. This does bring up a concern though, what if Haruhiism goes up against Mioism in 4chan? It's going to be the anime world's equivalent of nuclear war if that were to happen. Did KyoAni realize that all this would happen if they animated K-On? Judging by the latest episode, yes they did. They definitely did.

Vegeta: What's her moe level?
Nappa: IT"S OVER 9000!

Pretty sure that there's at least 300 pics of her wearing this already...

Maid Outfit!

It's strange but I should have done this when I first got my Saber especially since the excaliburs could easily fit in the hands of my 1/144 kits. When I did that, it also occured to me that I could the same in reverse with Saber. Gadessa's GN Bazooka looks absolutely amazing in Saber's hands. I cannot wait for when that Kagamiku figma arrives since that's going to have a pretty good stand I can use. Also it seems that Masurao has been moved up to a June release so it's likely that I'll be getting it along with Exia r2 and 0 gundam that month. My wallet will miss the fat it's been carrying around lately.

I'm hoping that the Gaddess will be released in HG too..

Excalibur looks especially like a Holy Sword here

Death to all!

Urge to paint guns black rising...

That's it for now. Please look forward to them holding leeks.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Pics and Vids - 24/04/09

What in the name of smoked cheese is taking so long for them to release my Kagamiku figma? It’s marked for an April release even though the HG Trans-am 00 Raiser is marked for late April and that’s probably going to end up getting released first. I really feel like churuya every time I check if it’s out yet, nyoron~. On a side note, I am getting Russian visitors here. I find that pretty cool since the rest of the world really has no idea what they're up to over there. But based on my theories on Sunrise working for the Russians because of all the stuff they use in the Gundam franchise, I believe that they're building a real gundam while Sunrise distracts us all with their statue. There's even a patent for a working GN [T] drive out there somewhere on the net.

I’ve somehow managed to catch up with all the subbed episodes of the new shows I’m watching and I have to say that there’s a lot of good stuff this season. Even Tayutama which I was expecting to start bombing by now came up with a good second episode and that’s not just because of Norio Wakamoto’s hilarious accent. My favorites so far are “Eden of the East”, “Pandora Hearts” and strangely enough “Tayutama Kiss on My Deity”. They seem to like using a lot of still shots in the second episode and a lot of them feel like CG event pictures from the visual novel it was based on. Incidentally, there is a person named Noda Megumi working on this series so that would explain where Nodame went off to escape in chapter 129.

I’ve recently discovered Gelbooru’s gallery tagged under parody and come upon some ridiculously funny images. Among them is this gag page for Naruto. Tengen toppa Gurren Lagann fans should understand what’s so hilarious about this picture.


Watch and understand

Kira Star Power!

I have yet to find a pic of Hiro dressed as a Nazi but this is as close as I've got so far

Valkyria's been good so far. Alicia's reactions are the main draw for me.


Did this happen before the Sumeragi version or after?
So those Geass faces were realistic after all...
Persona guys in Hot Fuzz. That was an awesome movie.

Last week I believe I mentioned a interest in cosplaying as Captain Bravo. Here's what he looks like.

Got these off 4chan. House is the posterboy of 4chan

Actually a fashion designer in his casuals(No, really!). He's wearing pink sneakers btw.

The OP/ED album for Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuutsu also came out a few days ago and here's the OP from youtube. I've been using it as my screensaver. Watch in HQ.


Full Version

Here's a couple vids of Danny Choo "performing" the K-On! OP. That guy is awesome. Oh and I must visit Akihabara someday.

Can't wait for "Don't Say Lazy"

This got him on CNN.

That's all for now. Here's a pic of Big Boss doing what he does best.


Friday, 17 April 2009

Spring 2009 Season & April Loot

It's time for me to give my impressions on the new anime season's line-up and also time to show off the new additions to my collection. I'll go through the new anime season first.

Definitely Watching:

Eden of the East
This had a pretty interesting first episode. The fact that it's a Noitamina show means it'll turn out pretty good. The character designs also remind me of the good times I had while watching Honey & Clover. The OP sequence was really dynamic and it was done by the English Rock band Oasis so that was good in many ways.


As proven by me watching Munto, I'll pretty much watch all KyoAni shows. The anime feels quite diluted compared to the manga though but I guess that's because they're having a guy new to directing do it. Hopefully he'll understand that something like this would be better off with quick well timed punch lines rather than unnecessarily long but cute extensions. Seems to have improved a bit in the 3rd episode.

Hatsukoi Limited

This reminds me quite a lot of School Rumble. I was hoping for K-On! to be my slice of life show this season but a lot the jokes missed the best timing for their punch lines. This however didn't. The jokes hit their mark and their abundance is very satisfying. I don't like the idea of this being about girls in love but the humor is too good for me to pass up.

Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S

I've heard that the prequel(?) for this one wasn't very good but this one had a pretty good first episode. High quality production, a good set of characters and enough of a hook on the story to be interesting enough to watch.


This had a fun first episode. It's quite over the top and there's a good cast of seiyuu here. I've never played Mahjong before so maybe I'll learn from this show. GONZO's also behind this so I think I can expect another good comedy from them.

Pandora Hearts

XEBEC's doing this so I'm a little wary towards it since there was only one show that they did that I considered to be a success and that was Busou Renkin. I really wanted to see some of the jokes that got cut out and it'd be fun to cosplay as captain Bravo. The story's mystery and characters are the main hook since the production quality isn't very good. If they can keep up with those or improve the fight scenes then I'll be sure to keep up with this one.

Tayutama -Kiss on My Deity-
I know this is probably going to turn out bad but I do like this show. The rushed pacing of the first ep isn't exactly supporting that. It's got some good ideas but the main draw for me for this one was that Norio Wakamoto is voicing a role here. The idea of Norio Wakamoto doing comedy is quite an interesting one since he's usually doing evil roles. I await the day he plays a young megalomanical boy who's bent on taking over the world since that would be an awesome show.

Watching For Now:

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

A remake of the first anime that is meant to be more faithful to the manga. The scenes are very well done but I hope they burn through the stuff they already did last time so we get to the new scenes faster. May put on hold till then.

Asura Cryin'
Production quality isn't very good but it's got a bit of mystery here but that could turn out badly if they don't pull it off exactly right. The multiple factions could be trouble for the plot too. Still it's the only mecha show I've got besides Basquash and I don't really feel like watching that.


This has the most interesting setting out of all the shows. The characters are unique but they just aren't fun to watch. It's also a GONZO show so I still have to consider the possiblity of the series being good but the ending being terrible. I hope they put more focus on the setting for this series cause that's what drew me to this show.

Valkyria Chronicles

Khai told me the game version was good so I decided to try this one out. First two eps were probably the first mission of the game but the characters are good. The way the story is told doesn't stand out in anyway and the story itself is from a war game so I'm not really expecting much. I've been told the best parts are the characters personal stories so hopefully those are entertaining enough to keep me watching.

Sengoku Basara

The battles are the main drive for this show. By the end of the first ep I was hoping this could turn out to be just as hot blooded and as exciting as Gurren Lagann. It certainly is hot blooded but it still hasn't been that exciting for me. I'm also not sure if the ENGRISH in this series is awesome or just plain silly.

Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~
A new series done by Bee Train. I don't really like the shows they do. I still remember the horrible way the handled Hack G.U.'s anime. The same director who did that is behind this one too. This has good production values and the scenes were were well done but the characters and the concept were lacking. I've seen stuff like this before and this seems to be following the way those went. I'll see where this is going for a few more episodes.

Not watching:

07 Ghost

It reminds me a bit of D. Gray-man but doesn't have a very interesting starting episode. The yaoi undertones aren't helping it either and the fighting style is rather dull. The OP hints at upcoming reveals but they don't seem very good either.

Dragonball Kai

A reedited rebroadcast of the old Dragonball Z anime. I never really watched the Z portion of the anime but I did read it. Not big enough of a fan to watch an old anime with so many flaws despite it being one of the first manga series I've read.

For my new anime related merchandise, I have 1 new revoltech and 4 new gundams. The revoltech is my new Black Saber that I ordered myself and the gundams are souveneirs that my parents brought back from singapore. They didn't get the RX-78 i wanted but the number of these gundams more than makes up for it. I am still waiting for my Kagamiku to arrive though...
All of my new stuff
My new Saber Alter

Comes with Holy and Dark Excaliburs

Contrary to what the box shows, posing is hard

A HGUC Blue Destiny Unit 3. Pretty cool for an old school suit

My new HG 1/144 Cherudim

Notice the new action display stands.

The stand's shape changes however I want.

00 kits are extremely posable

Comes with stand to prop up Shield Bits


Aftermath of pwning Revive Revival...

The Dylandy brothers, together again

Gundam Seravee

Seravee, Primed for Beam Spam!

Dual wielding Bazookas

Full Burst Cannon Mode

Beam Saber handle stored under wrist

8 Beam Sabers For The Win!

Saber Cage! Would be awesome if animated.

Reveal Gimmick!

Seraphim Gundam... Or gunman...

How it docks...

ED scene recreated somewhat...

That's it for now. Until I get my Kagamiku, enjoy this Lockon pic.

Lockon Stratos - Big Boss of the 24th Century
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