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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Mix & Match

I watched bits of the modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet starring Leonardo Dicaprio yesterday in GP and two things came into my head while I was watching it. 1)How old is this movie since he looks way younger than he does now and 2) It’d be so awesome if Hot Fuzz was done with Shakespearean dialogue. The movie is already over the top but just imagining Sgt. Angel shouting something like “Doth thou bite your thumb at me sir?!” is already pretty damn epic. I’d love to hear how Shakespeare would have written the lines for the shootout scenes. I remember watching Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail movie with the Shakespeare subs and that was pretty entertaining.

Monty Python and Bleach fans should understand...

This week's episode of K-On! marks its fourth week on air and KyoAni really dropped a bomb this week. This bomb has set off a chain reaction of many new Mio fanart at a speed I've never seen before. The reason for this is because the masterminds at KyoAni decided to do a beach episode showing how shy Mio can be and also put her into a maid outfit as well. It'll only get crazier from here since there are a lot more situations in the manga that those guys can exploit. We might as well just forego the Saimoe competition this year and just proclaim Mio queen of 2009. This does bring up a concern though, what if Haruhiism goes up against Mioism in 4chan? It's going to be the anime world's equivalent of nuclear war if that were to happen. Did KyoAni realize that all this would happen if they animated K-On? Judging by the latest episode, yes they did. They definitely did.

Vegeta: What's her moe level?
Nappa: IT"S OVER 9000!

Pretty sure that there's at least 300 pics of her wearing this already...

Maid Outfit!

It's strange but I should have done this when I first got my Saber especially since the excaliburs could easily fit in the hands of my 1/144 kits. When I did that, it also occured to me that I could the same in reverse with Saber. Gadessa's GN Bazooka looks absolutely amazing in Saber's hands. I cannot wait for when that Kagamiku figma arrives since that's going to have a pretty good stand I can use. Also it seems that Masurao has been moved up to a June release so it's likely that I'll be getting it along with Exia r2 and 0 gundam that month. My wallet will miss the fat it's been carrying around lately.

I'm hoping that the Gaddess will be released in HG too..

Excalibur looks especially like a Holy Sword here

Death to all!

Urge to paint guns black rising...

That's it for now. Please look forward to them holding leeks.

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