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Friday, 24 April 2009

Pics and Vids - 24/04/09

What in the name of smoked cheese is taking so long for them to release my Kagamiku figma? It’s marked for an April release even though the HG Trans-am 00 Raiser is marked for late April and that’s probably going to end up getting released first. I really feel like churuya every time I check if it’s out yet, nyoron~. On a side note, I am getting Russian visitors here. I find that pretty cool since the rest of the world really has no idea what they're up to over there. But based on my theories on Sunrise working for the Russians because of all the stuff they use in the Gundam franchise, I believe that they're building a real gundam while Sunrise distracts us all with their statue. There's even a patent for a working GN [T] drive out there somewhere on the net.

I’ve somehow managed to catch up with all the subbed episodes of the new shows I’m watching and I have to say that there’s a lot of good stuff this season. Even Tayutama which I was expecting to start bombing by now came up with a good second episode and that’s not just because of Norio Wakamoto’s hilarious accent. My favorites so far are “Eden of the East”, “Pandora Hearts” and strangely enough “Tayutama Kiss on My Deity”. They seem to like using a lot of still shots in the second episode and a lot of them feel like CG event pictures from the visual novel it was based on. Incidentally, there is a person named Noda Megumi working on this series so that would explain where Nodame went off to escape in chapter 129.

I’ve recently discovered Gelbooru’s gallery tagged under parody and come upon some ridiculously funny images. Among them is this gag page for Naruto. Tengen toppa Gurren Lagann fans should understand what’s so hilarious about this picture.


Watch and understand

Kira Star Power!

I have yet to find a pic of Hiro dressed as a Nazi but this is as close as I've got so far

Valkyria's been good so far. Alicia's reactions are the main draw for me.


Did this happen before the Sumeragi version or after?
So those Geass faces were realistic after all...
Persona guys in Hot Fuzz. That was an awesome movie.

Last week I believe I mentioned a interest in cosplaying as Captain Bravo. Here's what he looks like.

Got these off 4chan. House is the posterboy of 4chan

Actually a fashion designer in his casuals(No, really!). He's wearing pink sneakers btw.

The OP/ED album for Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuutsu also came out a few days ago and here's the OP from youtube. I've been using it as my screensaver. Watch in HQ.


Full Version

Here's a couple vids of Danny Choo "performing" the K-On! OP. That guy is awesome. Oh and I must visit Akihabara someday.

Can't wait for "Don't Say Lazy"

This got him on CNN.

That's all for now. Here's a pic of Big Boss doing what he does best.


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