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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

All Day Raya Trip!

Last Thursday, me and about 80 or so students in my year went on an all day Raya trip to our teachers’ and our friends’ houses. We split up into two batches of two groups in buses per batch so that we wouldn’t have too many people in one house. Most of the guys were put onto the UIC bus while me, Rif, Khai and Shaminan were put onto a different bus since they ran out of room there. I think that was a good thing since we got a whole free space since there was only 10 passengers on our 30+ seats bus.

There was also Jin and Alim who tagged along with the other batch using their car. The planned trip started around 9 in the morning and ended at about 10 at night making it a 13-hour trip for those who stuck the whole way. I went home at the third last house because I lived near the teacher for that house at 8 so I shaved off 2 hours from the trip. It seems that I gave the girls’ bus of the other batch a scare when I waved as they passed by. According to Rif and Khai who were still around to hear their thoughts, I appeared by the side of the road out of nowhere like a ghost when the bus headlights hit me and my waving hand made it look like I was a spectre trying to hitch-hike. LOL! I have a talent and hobby for scaring people.

Welcome to the Enrichment Centre. After all this is done, there will be cake...

1st stop at Cikgu Rosita's and Shaminan's already beat.

Never seen a flower like this before. Anyone knows what it is?

Right outside of Cikgu Izam's place. He wasn't there on our first try.

So we visited Cikgu Azlan's next. All our teachers seem to have nice gardens.

Inside of CIkgu Azlan's house. Very nice interior

Lol... AHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Super lol!!

Note that door in the archway. It was at this house my warning about the toilet queue came into effect. Shaminan had to wait till the next house to hit the loo.

His way of keeping his mind off the toilet...

We passed a reservoir of some sort to the next house.

I was told that huge building was the Katok school

Rif was trying to corrupt the youth into locking the door. It worked. Couldn't get them to call Shahminan "pehin" though.

Khai has a cup on his head and I'm not quite sure where his neighbor's eyes are aimed at

I repeat. The kid locked that toilet door, not us.

It was at this point the girls came up with the panji-panji pose for group photos later.

I was seriously worried when the bus stopped here. Good thing no one we knew lived up on the hill.

My best pictures always seem to be flowers for some reason

This was our 11th house I think...

This was a mini torch I brought along. Was helpful on my walk back home.

Cikgu Aqilah's new house. The design was amazing.

The Cake is (Not) a Lie!

I only had the cheesecake though. I simply love cheesecake.

Believe or not, this is a Patio

Told ya

This reminded of a crystal from an RPG I once played

Behold the Ghost Bus tailing us!

We had a lot of fun that day and Shaminan really gave us a lot of loltastic pics. Khai even came with a magic sinjang that summoned a cat out of nowhere. I myself had been to the toilet as many times as we visited houses, not every house though I had to use three times at Asilah's house. I think that leg massager device at her place got me too relaxed. Most of the food we ate was good but kudos to Cikgu Izam and Afiq for their Shepherd's Pie and Stuffed Potatoes, they were absolutely amazing! Hopefully I'll be in for more treats this Saturday for the school's Teacher's Day & Raya Celebration. That's it for now.

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