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Monday, 21 September 2009

Manga Review: Tsuiteru Kanojo


Title: Tsuiteru Kanojo
Author: Zappa Go, Fujimi Takuya
Release: Monthly
Status: Finished
Genre: Romance, Supernatural
Art: B
Originality: B
Story: S
Characters: A
Humor: B
Action: B

Impression: This is about a pair of childhood friends and their friend who is adept in the spiritual field. The cheerful young girl of the pair dies after being run over by a truck and possesses the girl who saw foresaw her death she felt guilty about not warning her. All three of them try to figure out how to settle the matter so she can move on and she does so by clearing last of her regrets. They are on a time limit though, she cannot stay in their friend for too long or she’ll die as well. I liked this story quite a bit how well it was delivered in eight chapters. It’s not too long or too short and the authors took as far as they could without compromising the flow. I liked the ending for how bittersweet it was but I think the author cheesed it up a bit in trying to lessen the bitterness with the last page of the story. It’s a nice, short and touching story that’s worth reading.

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