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Monday, 7 September 2009

Manga Review: To-Love-Ru


Title: To-Love-Ru
Author: Hasemi Saki, Yabuki Kentaro
Release: Weekly
Status: Finished
Genre: Harem, Ecchi, Sci-Fi
Art: A
Originality: D
Story: E
Characters: D
Humor: B
Action: E

Impression: YEAH!! IT FINALLY ENDED!! I'm so glad that it finally ended! No offense to fans but in my very honest opinion, To-Love-Ru was a waste of space in the magazine. To make a good analogy, it's basically the poke'mon anime with excessive amounts of fanservice and fetish fuel with fewer mons. It's about an alien princess who chooses this generic example of the "loser guy" archetype as her fiancee for being brave who already has a crush on a girl at school. After that, girl after girl representing the different character types you see in dating sims each with their own packs moe traits flood into the manga. The plot never actually picks up after the first few chapters and remains stagnant right till the end. It's all an excuse to have fanservice in a shonen manga magazine. Some of the jokes are funny but most of them are fanservice related ones so they really get annoying really fast. I actually read through the first 130 or so chapters in the span of one and a half hours using my lightspeed reading method and not once was there a plot development that was worth reading about. In fact my favorite character was justin just because he was a bodyguard working as manga assistant. His very character concept actually had more potential than the main story. If there was anything commendable about this manga it's that the authors put in almost every kind of moe trait and fetish fuel into this manga so it's almost certain that any random guy will be able to find his favorite one in here.

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