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Saturday, 19 September 2009

Manga Review: Hatsune Mix


Title: Hatsune Mix
Author: KEI
Release: Monthly
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Slice of Life
Art: A
Originality: A
Story: B
Characters: A
Humor: A
Action: B

Impression: This is a manga based on the vocaloids that puts Miku and the rest of the vocaloids, both official and unofficial, into different settings doing different things. It’s drawn by the same illustrator who came up with Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin & Len and Megurine Luka’s design and each chapter comes with at least one colored page and the occasional illustration. It’s basically fanservice for the fans but it’s still a cute little manga on its own. I am wondering where the other chapters are since it began publication last year and there should be 8 or 9 more chapters out by now.

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