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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Manga Review: Pretty Face


Title: Pretty Face
Author: Yasuhiro Kano
Release: Weekly
Status: Finished
Genre: Gender Bender, Ecchi, Comedy
Art: B
Originality: A
Story: C
Characters: B
Humor: A
Action: B

Impression: This is about a really strong guy who gets caught up in a accident and is thought to have been killed by that accident. In truth, he had been saved by a doctor and has been in a coma for months but his face was so messed up by the accident that the doctor had to perform plastic surgery on him. Unfortunately for him, the doctor used the only picture in his wallet, one of the girl he liked to make a new face for him. After beating up the doctor for giving him his crush's face, he tries to find his family only to find that they had moved while he was unconscious. Things turn around when the girl he likes mistakes him for her twin sister who ran away from home and he has to pretend to be her until he finds the real twin sister so he can go back to his original face. It's got an interesting excuse to have fanservice and it's definitely original but there were many liberties taken when you try think about the events realisticly. It wasn't really meant to be taken seriously though but it still has more story value to it than To-Love-Ru did. It's also pretty funny but the characters didn't really appeal to me in anyway. I can understand why this was cancelled but it was a downright travesty to cancel Mx0.

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