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Monday, 14 September 2009

Figma Izumi Konata Summer Uniform Version Review

Now I’m going to review the Izumi Konata Summer Uniform Version figma that I bought with my di:stages. I bought it over at Hobby Search as usual and got it for 2261 yen so it cost me about B$35 on its own and B$43 together with the shipping since I bundled them together with the other orders. The box is the same usual figma sized box that weighs around 250g. I like how they designed this one. It’s got a pleasant color scheme and it really complements the summer uniform this time around.

Front view

Side view

Side view

Top view

Back view

Comparison shot with winter version

Everything she comes with

Here’s what this Konata came with:
  • 1 Blue Sky backdrop
  • 1 Figma Stand
  • 1 Kobayakawa Yutaka head
  • 1 =_= face
  • 1 Suspicious face
  • 1 Smiling face (Yutaka’s)
  • 1 Blank face
  • 1 Blank face sticker sheet
  • 5 Sets of hands (Open palm set, Thumbs up set, Pointing set, Closed fist set, Item holding set)
  • 1 Left handed shopping bag

Heads will roll...

11 hands in total

I now have 5 out of 7 Konata faces

From top left to bottom right: Eyes, Eyebrows, Miscellanous & Mouth

Hitch-hiking pose

This time around, Konata’s made with the latest material they’ve been using instead of the original stuff they used for her original figma. I was annoyed at how they didn’t bother to that with the restock version of the winter uniform Konata since the hairpiece felt really hard and rough. Because of that, the frontal hairpiece of the original falls out too easily. Thanks to the new material, the hairpiece stays in place better than the original even though the same mold is used to make it. It is a little bit looser than most figma heads but it’s still a huge improvement over the original.

The rear portion of the hair isn’t as stiff as it was before but I’m still having problems getting the stand to fit in the hole in her hair like before. Last time it was because the stand’s peg was too big and now the hole is a bit too small. It’s a good thing it’s now easier to balance her while she’s standing thanks to the lighter material.

Seeing double

Somehow it screams "You Gonna Get Raped!"

The shoulders now use ball joints so the articulation there is a lot wider than it was before while the rest of the joints are pretty much the same. I did just discover than Lucky star figmas can twist their waist though so my Kagamiku and Summer Konata probably have the best articulation points out of all my figmas. The wrist joints for this figma are the easily the best ones I’ve seen so far. I can slide the hands in and out of the slots smoothly and they’ll stay in place like they’re supposed to.

Ju-on anyone?

Konata's making Marmite jokes

Yutaka definitely looks like a galge character with the right face.

Cool character type with Kagami's face

Remove the ahoge and you get Izumi Kanata. Also looks like a Galge Character.

The highlights of this particular figma is that it comes with Yutaka’s head and also a blank face that we can use to make whatever kind of face we want to using the stickers they provided us with. That means even if you bought the Winter Uniform version of Konata earlier, you’ll still be getting a new figma anyway since you can put Yutaka’s head on one of the two Konata bodies. Yutaka’s twintails aren’t like Kagami’s ones so they can only spin them around on their axes. You can also add Izumi Kanata’s head if you’re willing to snap off your previous Konata’s ahoge like I did. If someone knows a good way to cover that white scar left after twisting off the ahoge please feel free to tell me about it.

So long blank face

Hello Hachune face

Looks off... Probably because Kagamiku is taller than Miku actually

Sadly I could not make her do Ievan Polka

The blank face is a little bit disappointing though. Unless you have that extra finish liquid you need to keep decals unnoticeable, those little stickers stick out way too much to give a satisfying enough result. For some reason the blank face is also a bit of a tight fit for all of the lucky star figma heads that I have. You really have to force it in when you try slotting it into Yutaka’s head and it’s really tricky to pull it out since you have to keep her twintails in mind. They don’t feel particularly sturdy on her head so it’s quite likely that they’ll break off if you put too much force on them so I really recommend that you don’t slot it into her face.

My three Lucky Star Figmas

All in all, I find it to be worth what it costs, especially if you already have a Winter Uniform version of Konata since it means you can get Konata's mom as well. That's it for now. Here are some more pictures to finish off the review.
Give Kagamiku Yutaka's face and you get Minami's Miku-Oneesan

Wave bye-bye

Totally relaxed

Yandere Yutaka makes for a good wallpaper. Click to get wallpaper size

Loads of boxes under my room mirror

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