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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Manga Review: Shikabane Hime


Title: Shikabane Hime
Author: Yoshiichi Akahito
Release: Monthly
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Shonen, Supernatural
Art: B
Originality: B
Story: B
Characters: B
Humor: B
Action: A

Impression: This is about a girl who died but came back as a living corpse that fights alongside her partner, a member of a organization of exorcist monks, to eliminate others like her that have fallen completely to their regrets and are now killing the living. I loved the anime for its intense scenes and characters but the story is a little bit different for both. They generally have the same plotline but characters differ from each other as far as I can tell. The main characters are pretty much the same though. Unfortunately, the manga doesn’t live up to the awesomeness of the anime since it managed to keep an element of horror with the music and the lighting effects while the art style for the manga only rarely manages to attain the same level of intensity that the anime had. It’s a decent shonen manga but it has yet to show me the same flair that the anime was capable of.

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