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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Manga Review: Transistor Teaset


Title: Transistor Teaset
Author: Sato Yoshimi
Release: Monthly
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Slice of Life, Yuri
Art: B
Originality: A
Story: B
Characters: A
Humor: B
Action: B

Impression: This is about a pair of cousins who were taken care of by their grandfather when they were kids but one of them went off to live somewhere else while the other stayed with him in Akihabara. Years have passed and that girl is now running her dead grandfather's electronics store in the one part of the area that isn't filled with otaku aimed shops. She wakes up one day to find a new shop opening up and the owner turns out to be her cousin who moved away years ago. What surprises her even more is that she calls herself a maid and that her shop is going to be a maid cafe. Even though it's labeled yuri, I haven't really seen any concrete hints to that theme but there are some small hints here and there foreshadowing it. Despite the set up here it doesn't actually focus on the moe moe aspects of a maid cafe as it sounds like it would if it were typical. It actually focuses more on the aspects of Akihabara's change over the years and how they should adapt to the new trends for their businesses to survive. The characters make all that an enjoyable read and the way the story unfolds each chapter is quite well paced. My only complaint about this series though is where is the yuri I was promised? I expected yuri! What I got was still good though so it's worth checking out.

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