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Sunday, 11 October 2009

di:stage Extension Set 01 Black Ver. Review

Last month I ordered two sets of di:stage extension sets and I got them four days ago because of how busy my things are getting around here. For reasons unknown to myself the extensions only showed up on the last day of the month so it was barely released in time. I wish the manufacturers would set proper release dates instead of just generalizing things to early, mid and late [month]. Half the time they even go as far as to just put the month only. Even then that doesn’t stop them from postponing the item release. Bandai does it so I don’t see why Good Smile and Max Factory can’t. Zaki ordered Good Smile’s 1/7 Saber Lily PVC figure and that got delayed twice and for several months. At least the level quality seems to be very far above satisfying so that’s good.

Bought two of them

We can play spot the difference with boxes too

Back view

Side view

Anyway back to the di:stage extension. This set cost me 525 yen, 1050 yen for both which cost me B$ 16.60, from Hobby Search and the shipping was B$ 10 (would have been B$ 8 if the yen hadn't gotten stronger) since I bundled them with Zaki's Saber. This unit 01 black version meaning that there’s going to be more of these extension sets coming out and probably in other colors besides black and transparent. This set was designed to elevate the original di:stage layer to a higher level and build on the display’s structure design freedom. This adds a whole new dimension to the display base as you can now modify the vertical factor of the entire display. Based on what the item comes with, it is possible to build stuff buildings, bridges, racks and walls so long as you have enough of them. Heck! You probably build a whole house if you can afford that much time and money. However that also means there is one clear problem with this set; you CAN’T use it all without an original di:stage base. Hopefully no one was stupid enough to buy them without getting the original ones first.

It comes with two new speech bubble types, no new stage cover though

Like the first di:stage, this extension set comes in a figma sized box with half of the thickness. That’s 22cm x 15cm x 4.5cm for those of you curious about the exact dimensions. It comes with the cardboard and bubblewrap to protect the contents too with a total of 5 layers of protection. That’s nice on their part for product safety but it also makes it excessively annoying to get to the contents. I even used my swiss army knife to make thing more interesting but it didn’t help very much. I wonder if I’ll be able to figure out a way to make use of all the bubblewrap and cardboard I’ve been getting from them.

Recently found my swiss pocket knife so I put it to use here

This set comes with:
  • 1 Manual
  • 2 Speech Bubbles
  • 4 Vertical Side Connectors
  • 2 Pillar Bases
  • 4 20cm Pillars
  • 4 10cm Pillars
  • 12 Tunnel Type Corner Caps
  • 8 Flat Type Corner Caps
  • 2 Cap Removers
  • 4 Thick Corner Connectors
  • 4 Thin Corner Connectors


Chopsticks sized

The first thing you’ll notice about this set are the pillars. Four of them come in chopsticks size and the other four come in crayon size. You can take a look at how these compare to the figmas in one of my pictures and if you do, you’ll see that that you won’t be able to use the short pillars if you were planning to put one stage above another as that purpose is left to the longer pillars. Those short ones are there so that you can put an elevated stage next to a grounded one so you get something like a step. Be careful when you slot them into the holes as the pegs could snap off even though they feel pretty sturdy. Keep that especially in mind when you handle the longer ones as physics dictate they are more fragile than the short ones. Also, the manual says you shouldn’t slot them into the stage slots for some reason even though they do fit in there. A tighter fit but it still fits so you just have to be even more careful if you do.


All the caps

The rightmost one is the removal cap

Before Caps

After Caps

You need two thin ones to connect a corner

That makes for four in total

Very tight connectors

The stages are prepared

Looks like a hangar

Viewpoint 1

Viewpoint 2

Viewpoint 3

Viewpoint 4

That's it for my review and expect reviews of Emiya Shirou and Kagami Winter Uniform Version figmas that I've ordered for october. Hopefully I won't have to wait till the end of the month for them. I also got a Char Aznable with his cockpit seat a couple of weeks ago for B$ 14 at Hua Ho Kiulap. I'm not sure if the quality of the item is because it was made years ago or if it's actually a bootleg but it's nice to have the Red Comet in my room. Sadly I do not have any of his units but Sazabi will be in my collection should I find the extra cash I need to fork over for it.

Sieg Zeon!

I cleaned up my table

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