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Monday, 12 October 2009

Manga Review: Bungaku Shoujo to Shinitagari no Pierrot


Title: Bungaku Shoujo to Shinitagari no Pierrot
Author: Nomura Mizuki, Kousaka Rito, Takeoka Miho
Release: Monthly
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Seinen, Mystery, Psychological
Art: A
Originality: A
Story: A
Characters: A
Humor: B
Action: B

Impression: This is about a former novel writer who has had a traumatic experience in the past and quit because of it and spends his days at school with his senior, a literature girl who literally eats the pages of books she likes. He writes her a snack everyday and after enjoying the treat as it should be enjoyed, she goes on to chomp down on it going as far as to comment on the flavor. It's based on a light novel series and each novel detail in a case involving someone who has some sort of complex issue that they have to figure. So far I've only been through the first arc but it's been proving to be an interesting story with some very unique ideas. I can relate to some of the guy's difficulties with responding to other people because I have my own way of looking at things. It's not like I don't understand why they do but it's more like I'm also watching a different channel at the same time if it were to be explained using tv channels. The Kara no Kyoukai analogy about psychics in the third novel if you're familiar with that work. In any case I find this manga to be deeply intriguing and the pacing to be addictive. It really is a pain to have to wait for new chapters for mystery manga.

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