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Friday, 11 December 2009

Review: Lucky Star OVA EX Figure Hiiragi Kagami Cosplay Ver. & Izumi Konata Cosplay Ver.

The stuff I ordered for last month arrived last week but I had to delay my reviews until now since the camera was with my brother who at my grandpa’s at the time of arrival. Once I got my hands on the camera and some time to myself, I spent two hours taking pictures of my new merchandise while arranging all the stuff I brought to the funfair back on the tables.

I’m splitting my new loot into two posts for neatness otherwise there’ll be 88 pictures in one post alone which will kill the page the loading speed. I’ve scheduled my review on my new Figma Emiya Shirou for this Sunday at 2100 hours so please look forward to that.

In this post I’ll be reviewing my new Kagami and Konata Cosplay PVC Statues by SEGA. Before I saw these things up for pre-order at Hobbylink, I honestly had no clue that SEGA actually diversified into making anime merchandise. I saw these at Hobbylink but ordered them from Hobbysearch as a 2-piece set for 2375 yen. These prices are all the Hobbysearch prices which are usually 5% cheaper than Hobbylink’s but buying them at Hobbylink would have cost me 625 yen extra.

Front View

Kagami's Box

Konata's Box

Right Side

Left Side

Rear View

Top View

Bottom View

Not sure what these openings are for.

Both of the statues come in boxes with the same exact same design so the only way to know which item you’re getting is by looking at the contents inside. Both say “Konata Izumi” on the right side and “Hiiragi Kagami” on the left side and both have Crypton Future Media Trademarks on them even though that only applies to Kagami’s statue. I detect some corner cutting here since I figured they could have at least added the respective characters’ names on the under the transparent window for their boxes. The way they tape the box lids is also rather telling here.

The first thing I noticed when I opened Konata’s box was the smell. Unlike Figmas or Revoltechs, these PVC statues smell quite strongly of their material i.e. PVC. I suppose that has something to do with how much more of this particular material is used in these statues. Konata more so than Kagami since Kagami uses shiny plastic to make parts of her costume reflective while Konata seems to be completely made of the stuff. The texture feels smooth and slightly rubbery so they’ll probably be able to endure quite a few accidents should I be unfortunate enough for that to happen.

Konata Witch Cosplay

The Base. Very Bland.

Looks pretty good

As for the design, I wasn’t really expecting anything amazing considering how cheap these are compared to other PVC statues but I have to say that the level of detail is quite satisfactory. Both figures look great when you look at them from the side, especially in Kagami’s case since her face looks kinda off since the eyebrows don’t really match each other. I even had a gripe about the way the front part of her hair doesn’t really stick out but a few days after taking out the box seems to have fixed it somehow. At first it looked way too flat for my taste but that part of the head seems to have expanded made things look more natural. All in all, both figures retain the charm of their characters in terms of appearance quite well but I have to wonder about the pose Kagami takes as that leaning forward pose from the hips does not look very comfortable.

The figures come with their own bases but I really feel disappointed at the design here. The bases are round, completely white and unmarked on the top with two holes to insert the pegs in. Seriously, it would have nice if they had given some attention to base design since the all white thing is rather lackluster. On the upside however is that the pegs fit the holes in my di:stages quite nicely so I can put them there. I really need to buy more of these things but Gunpla is on my agenda for my next order so I’ll have to put that off for a couple of months.

The Concept Art

The Reality

Had to see which way was the best way to put them side by side

Naturally I had to undo the tower design I had to make a display with a lower center of gravity considering the extra weight these two bring but it was a good time to do so anyway since the parts were already unassembled due to the funfair. I went for something that looked like a concert stage and placed the two together on the middle platform. This also gave me the idea to make miniature flags for the longer poles but my printer lacks color ink T-T. Oh well…

The mess after the funfair box unpacking

di:stage holes are bigger than the base's

Still holds up perfectly though.

Concert Stage Configuration!

So what did I do with bland bases they gave me? I used them to display the weapons that came with my Figma Fate T. Harlaown and Revoltech Saber Alter. I suspect it had something to do with the fact that my newest figma was a character with Unlimited Blade Works as an attack. I wonder what else I’ll be able to do with these other than painting them to look better. I’ll have to thank G.A. Geijutsuka Art Design should I feel the need to recolor those things for the techniques the show’s taught me. Just wished their Irodorunjaa BGM was a bit longer.



These items were really worth the money I spent on them even though I don’t usually buy static figures because of their high prices and immobility. I’m actually surprised at how these are meant to be prizes for arcade machines considering how nicely made they are and at such low costs too. I look forward to any future EX statues that SEGA makes. Hopefully they’ll be of characters in series that I like.

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