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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Review: Figma Emiya Shirou

Now it’s time for me to review my newest figma which is the 7th one in my collection and the first male one too. As usual, I bought it at Hobbysearch for 2533 yen which is roughly B$40 and comes in the regular sized box.

Front View

Side View

Top View

Other Side

Rear View

Type-moon Holo Stamp

Berserker's Blade was placed behind Shirou

This Figma comes with:
  • 1 Saber’s Dream Background
  • 4 pairs of hands (Fist, Holding, Spread out and Reaching types)
  • 1 Kanshou Sword
  • 1 Bakuya Sword
  • 1 Serious Face
  • 1 Enraged Face
  • 1 Archer’s Arm
  • 1 Berserker’s Sword
  • 1 Figma Stand
  • 2 Instruction Leaflets

How to replace Shirou's arm

How to insert the Figma stand into Shirou's back. Unusually elaborate mechanism.

All eight hands

Usually figmas come with at least 5 pairs of hands but for some reason they decided not to give Shirou another set. This isn’t really too much of a drawback but it does make me wonder why they didn’t fill up the last pair. Also, the holding hands can easily fit my 1/144 Gundams’ weapons along with the other accessories I have for my figmas and Revoltech Saber.

The two faces of Shirou

This figma looks pretty good and I can’t really find much fault in its design. Wished they gave a relaxed face instead of the serious one they gave though. The enraged expression looks great but the serious face doesn’t look right in battle poses and feels out of place in funny poses.

Archer's arm

The weapons that Shirou comes with are quite remarkable. The designers did an amazing job with Kanshou and Bakuya blades. Unfortunately I was unable to get a good close up pictures of either because of how macro works in automatic cameras but just take my word for it when I say that they were made spectacularly. Berserker’s sword comes stored in its own plastic packaging separate from the other stuff due to its size. It’s not as well made since you can see seams where the different parts of the sword are connected.

Kanshou & Bakuya. Magnificent!

Berserker's Sword. It's even bigger than Shirou.

I would have liked a UBW background but maybe they're saving it for you-know-who

Battle Ready

Very nice pose here

Sword's Peg

Arm's Slot

Ghostly Arm

Shirou’s got the most stable footing out of all the figmas I have so you don’t really need the figma stand except for when he’s holding onto heavy stuff. The need for heating the back slot is also quite cumbersome so chances are I won’t ever be relying on the simple peg figma stands to hold him up (Thank god for di:stages). Articulation is decent but there is limited range for moving the arms upwards and I can’t bend either arms towards to other one fully to make a grabbing the shoulder pose which really should be in there too considering the circumstances behind Archer’s arm. The way the joints are designed make this figma optimized for battle poses so it’s not easy to make him pose for any other purpose.

Heavenly Feel Conditions!

Snug Fit

BFG! It's seriously a BFG!

Impossible to balance without a stand

The most interesting thing about this figma is the extra arm they gave to reenact Shirou performing Nine Lives Blade Works from the Heavenly Feel scenario. I didn’t realize that figma arms can pop out like Revoltechs but given my other figmas there’s no motivation for me to try that out them. The arm can also be attached to the figma stand pegs so you can have a severed arm “hanging” in the air. The left shoulder is made in such a way that when you attach Archer’s arm on, the shirt section there wraps around arm in such a way that it hides the gap between the body and the arm. This is the only arm that can hold Berserker’s sword by the way since there’s a hole made to fit the peg on the sword on the palm of this arm. Additionally, the red cloth on the arm can be rotated around for posing.




Bardiche Zanbato mode!


Scythe Form!


Leek Ver. 2


Nerai Utsu!

Best pic yet!

A Truly GAR pose!

That’s it for my review on Figma Emiya Shirou and here’s hoping that I’ll be able to get that new MG GN-X that’s coming out soon and that Max Factory will come up with Archer’s or Gilgamesh’s Figmas.

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