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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Manga Review: Onani Master Kurosawa


Title: Onani Master Kurosawa
Author: Ise Katasura, Yoko
Release: Weekly
Status: Finished
Genre: Seinen, Psychological, Slice of Life
Art: C
Originality: A
Story: A
Characters: A
Humor: A
Action: B

Impression: This is about the school life of a guy who masturbates in the girls’ bathroom everyday as part of his daily routine hence the title which means Masturbation Master Kurosawa which is a very squicky title. If you aren’t the least bit discouraged by the title then you probably have a very depraved mind or you don’t have that much of a Japanese vocabulary since most sources prefer to keep in the Japanese title for obvious reasons. Despite that particularly creepy aspect of the main character, the story and characters in this manga are actually quite complex. It delves into the psychological and social problems that teenagers face and the ways they cope with them. The art sure makes it seem half-assed at first but gives the manga this unique style that works wonderfully. I’m actually a little bit thankful that the art isn’t that detailed considering some of the scenes in here.

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