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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Anime Funfair

This really should have been posted up last week but somehow my daily schedule works against me writing up new posts for my blog. In any case here is here are the photos of the funfair held in my school last week. I already had them posted up on my facebook account but only got around to posting these up here now.

The funfair took place on 25th of November, the same day as the closing ceremony for the CCA clubs. It was supposed to have been held months ago but the H1N1 scare put it on hold indefinitely. That's why we the members of the anime club decided to hold our own funfair so that the costumes we prepared wouldn't go to waste.

As I was the president of the club, I was the one to plan out the event and make sure everything went smoothly or it'll be on my head. Events consisted of a Cosplay Cafe, an anime screening, an anime merchandise exhibition, a games booth, a lucky draw and several performances.

Preparation was extremely last minute though since I couldn't get everyone to come to one place at the same time except for the day. It's a miracle that event was successful with half of our staff being in the hall and there being mix-ups that caused a few sparks here and there. Somehow, I managed to do a lot of damage control and put out the flames before they could ruin the event. I swear, teenagers can so hotheaded at times. Throwing Auzee into the mix didn't help either since she was a factor in a number of the problems I had to sort out.

In any case the funfair was a success despite the fact that I only got only six hours worth of sleep for the three days prior to it. I am amazed at my endurance considering the fact that I was pretty much running around managing things all around for hours straight(3 hours in a suit).

Me taking picture after putting on my costume.

Just right after the students came out of the Auditorium

A guest from SMR came cosplaying as Hatsune Miku

Adlan was dressed as Tobi that day.

The collection of Gundams in the middle of the room.

The guys hanged around in here for most of the funfair while I was busy running around.

It was a pretty impressive sight.

Figmas on a separate table.

That Date Masamune speaks if you press a button

Khai's Tsukasa and Miyuki Summer Figmas on my di:stages.

Performance in progress

The Game booth

That board is a treasure hunt event. 8/12 of my riddles were solved.

The girls at the Sales booth.

Hamizah dressed as some emo from Persona.

Khai's Hatsune Miku PVC Statue

My Hatsune Miku Figma in front of Khai's Kagamine Twins'

Hafiz assembling Khai's 1/144 HG Arios

Adlan's replica of Auron's blade. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be bigger though.

Shaminan dressed up as member of some country's special forces squad.

Fooling around in the Exhibition room.

Afiq's hair wasn't that messy in the morning. The science lab smelled sickeningly sweet after the funfair.

Me and Adlan taking a picture together.

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