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Sunday, 1 March 2009

Pond Dumping

At the time I wrote this entry, it was not possible to move without causing myself even the slightest amount of pain. But that’s not the main point of this post. What I wanted to talk about is what happened after the cross country race was over.

You see after the prize ceremony was over and the winning house was given the trophy, we were about just about to carry the winning house’s captain and throw him into the pond but the teachers announced that unlike last year we weren’t allowed to throw people into the pond this year. Granted that last year that pond dumping thing was something that happened spontaneously so the teachers didn’t have time to forbid it. All of the students even started chanting “UMBAN! UMBAN! UMBAN!” when they said not to (I’m not sure if I spelled it right since it might HUMBAN instead but you should understand that’s basically means “THROW! THROW! THROW!”). Apparently even the principal smiled when that happened so I suppose that she wasn’t the one who remembered to stop us this year.

Although, whoever did failed… BADLY.


It was right after the teachers left that made my day. Seriously, the aches and pain was all worth what happened today. That and the fact that I can now jump up 7 steps if I get at least a two meters to run. There we were, feeling cheated by the fact that we couldn’t and then as if the world slowed down to a crawl, someone shouted and pointed towards Gman. It was as if someone suddenly turned the lights on. Five, six of us suddenly ran after him all at the same time, myself included. He ran around and just before we could get him, our house captain seemed to suddenly show up and we headed towards him.

We got to him and he willingly gave up and we threw him right into the pond. It took two tries since we failed the first time cause we didn’t manage to throw him all the way into the pond so he landed on his back. I asked him if he was okay but then, by someone who probably took his lack of any pained expressions as an okay, flipped him leg up into the pond. And I didn’t get to film it. Nearly everything else was successfully recorded by yours truly.

Now that’s not too bad. That’s why I said whoever tried to stop it failed VERY VERY badly. Two minutes later, the guys unsatisfied with the intended pond dumping, decided to dump Gman anyway. I immediately took off to the side of the pond to film people getting thrown into the pond again. Again. And again. At least a dozen times.

And it wasn’t just the guys who got thrown in either. A lot of them got dragged down along with the victims. And those victims weren’t satisfied with until they dumped all of the guys into the pond. Thank god I was up on the hill to film and not within their reach. When they realized I was still dry up on the hill, I quickly bolted like Seng did when they wanted to get him. Sadly, I heard he didn’t have enough sense in him not to get found again. In the end all four house captains got dragged down into the depths of the shallow pond by the canteen.

I also watched the Paradox episode of Ben 10 alien force yesterday. Very nicely done. While the main characters aren’t as interesting or as dynamic as they were in the original series, the plot and concept behind this episode was very interesting. The Paradox character who was based off the Doctor was actually good enough to be one of his remaining incarnations.

I also saw an interesting Japanese PV or music video on Animax musix on today. It was Fujisawa Loser by Asian Kung Fu Fighters. The song was okay but the idea behind the video was very interesting. An office worker and a guitarist were racing to their riches being blocked by obstacles that corresponded to their career choices. I LOL'd at the office worker's first obstacle, an overcrowded train car.

That's it for now. Hopefully we won't get in trouble for the pond dumping tomorrow. Here's the rest of the pics I took. Sadly, I can't post up pics or videos from yesterday due to previous incidents where the school didn't like having videos of such incidents up on youtube.

Metal Gear of the future

Not this time Snake!

Metal Gear now comes with external cockpit

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