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Friday, 13 March 2009

Sports Day and UBD's Japanese Cultural Week

I recently got hold of a bunch of Inuyasha OSTs and damn did they remind me how good the music was in that show. Inuyasha was one the very first few anime series that I’ve completely watched. Comparing it to all the latest anime OSTs I have, these Inuyasha tracks beats them in the sheer number of “good” quality BGM’s. The one with the best insert and OP and ED songs go to D.Gray-man though. I started watching it halfway and despite its long dragged out story, the conclusion was just right for the series and there weren’t any loose ends that bothered me. It would have been nice to know what Kouga’s group did after losing his jewel shards.

As you can see, it was quite hot that day

Yesterday was my school’s sports day and I got my share of memories from it. I tried out for the 100m dash, Discus, Long jump and Shot putt. I think I might have qualified for the long jump but my distance was shorter than last year because we weren’t allowed to do a second jump due to the terrible time management our house teachers were facing yesterday. And not even half of who signed up even got a chance to jump because of that. Here’s another bit of information that makes it even more ridiculous, I jumped during the second time the try-outs for our house were being done because we ran out of time during the time we were supposed to make our jumps. If I had some more time to figure out how to grip the track better I could have gotten a lot farther since I can jump higher than I did last year. Something rather amusing did happen when I did my jump though. The stadiums speakers started playing Beat It! by Fallout Boys just right when I started my run. I don’t know if whoever turned them on was actually timing it to happen like that but my friends said it gave my jump an “epic” feel to it. In any case that was a rather amusing coincidence.

I didn’t really do that well for shot putt and discus but at least my strength is still above average. Now as for running… that really was something. It certainly left its marks on me. On my right hand, right shoulder, my upper lip and the inside of my mouth. What do I mean by that? I fell down at last stretch of the race. You see, I was making pretty good speed keeping at fourth place but only the top three make it so I tried for one last burst of speed a few meters away from the end with my one step trick. Unfortunately, I messed up on the timing so that one step actually ended up pulling my body downward instead of forward and I tumbled forward. I fell landing on my shoulder first and it felt more like I started sliding from that point and grazed my hand and lip that way. I did notice that Zaki tripped on my leg while I was down though. One of the teachers then asked me if I was okay and I checked my bruises over and though they were red they weren’t bleeding except for all that skin inside my mouth which my teeth scraped off. That’s going to be one effin’ big mouth ulcer I’m going to be suffering for the next week. After I told him that, he made a comment about me knowing how the use the momentum. I thought he was talking about my fall but later I found out from Zaki that I made a roll after falling down which is why he tripped over my leg and my scratches weren’t as bad as they could have been. It seems all that parkour training I did last year got carved into my reflexes.

A few days ago I had my first experience of what a cramp felt like. I thought I’ve probably had them before since people said it was painful and I have had times when my muscles were still really sore from doing something but it turned out I was wrong. I was jumping up steps carrying my bags when I put them down in front of the classroom, I realized that there was some sort pain that was mixed in with a feeling of my muscles pushing against each other. It reminded me of this one episode of Osmosis Jones where the kid was a having a cramp and the walls of the muscles were pushing against each other. That’s when I realized that was what a cramp was and that it was the first time I felt one. At least first in my leg because I’m not sure if that pain you get in your side after running for a while counts as a cramp. When people talk about cramps, they always make it sound like an incredibly painful thing to go through. Anime and manga have frequently shown getting one while swimming would cause you to drown. They must have been exaggerating since I just walked it off a couple minutes later. For some reason after that though, my head felt like a mess just like those times I stayed up until the late hours of the night.

I also went to the UBD japanese cultural week thing today and it was pretty interesting. I saw a Takamachi Nanoha figma at the anime booth and I gotta say I'm impressed with the quality. Add tha to the fact that I just finished watching Nanoha A's yesterday and now it's on my list of stuff to get. I also read the gundam magazine from japan and damn there were a lot more pages in there than they scan for online. It was as thick as our phonebook. Main highlights were the cosplay and the sushi demonstration today. I ate something that looked like they just pulled it out of the fish and stuck onto the rice and I must say, it tasted good. I am worried about the possibility of me suffering from salmonella, I really hope they cleaned it thoroughly. The cosplayers even preformed the Hare Hare Yukai dance from Haruhi and despite their bad synchronization it was a pretty good effort. I found it amusing that they were intending on having 3 people do cosplays of lelouch in his school uniform, regular clothes and zero outfit and yet they weren't able to make the zero outfit in time. I wonder if they were planning on emperor Lelouch as well but that's a pretty extravagant costume so I didn't bother asking them about it.

I also met with Lim Han senpai and Combat senpai from kendo there. After I saw the guy doing the counter strike cosplay it kept tugging at my mind that he looked like combat senpai. Turns out it was him and that the machine gun replica he had was given to him by David Chan sensei. Didn't expect sensei to be a gun buff. I'll probably go back to Kendo a couple of years from now since the circumstances show that I don't have much time for it in the near future. It seems that juniors from the other schools from last years workshop still remember for some reason even though I only came for one day last year. I was more preoccupied with trying to figure out who the guy next to him was cosplaying. I eventually figured that it had to be Syaoran from tsubasa resevoir chronicles judging from the green cape and goggles. There was also a good Emma Ai school uniform costume but the cosplayer really should have gotten a Sadako length wig and red contact lenses to perfect it.

Someone ordered a 1/144 00 raiser set on that table. Can't see the nanoha Figma due to low quality phone pic. Don't know what's up with that racer costume either.

Tea Ceremony booth with hostess' wearing kimonos

Sadly, Haruhi cosplayer lacked arm band and red tie in front for the full effect

The "Learn Japanese" booth. Not very interesting to me for various reasons


Go. Ever since Nash left school I haven't had anyone to play it with

Not quite sure what's with the Neko Mimi but it certainly stood out

Combat Senpai

That's it for now and I hope I recover from this ridiculously bad cold soon. My muscles are still sore so everytime I let off a sneeze that has the recoil power of shotgun, my body gets wracked with pain all over. Oh and my mouth ulcer didn't turn out to be as insufferable as I thought. Usually they're a lot more annoying than this big one.

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