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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Ribbons Gundam!

Awesome news for gundam 00 fans. Someone posted up scans for the final episode and it contains a spirit booster for those who have felt the last stretch of the series was less than epic. Despite the fact that Evil Amuro a.k.a. Ribbons Almark was piloting the GN guncannon at the end of episode 49, we WILL have our Gundam vs. Gundam final battle!

Here's the GN Guncannon. Allegedly it's actually called Ribbons Guncannon. What else would you expect from the mobile suit of a guy with a god complex?

Ribbons Guncannon

Here's what's underneath all the extra armor:

Ribbons Gundam... God Complex At Work

Fanart of Ribbons Gundam

I for one am expecting an awesome battle considering that judging from the picture it's got:
  • Pseudo Twin Drive System
  • Trans-Am
  • Fangs System
  • Garazzo Fingers
  • Virtue's Purge System
  • Shoulder Mounted GN Cannons
  • Psychoframe-like Controls
  • GN Fields
There's also been speculation as to whether the position of the drives on the arms mean that we'll be seeing a GN Finger. Trans-am + Burning Finger = Made of WIN! GO for it Bandai! GO FOR IT! (You can tell that I'm getting it as soon as it gets announced)

This hand of mine glows with an awesome power!
Its burning grip tells me to defeat you!
Now, here I go!

Again, he has a god complex. Aside from that, rumors also say that Ribbons gundam is powerful enough to steal the 0 gundam's original GN drive from Setsuna and that the remnants of the CB crew will travel to Jupiter. I am anticipating this epic battle very much.

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