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Sunday, 15 March 2009

My most memorable Manga and Anime

Bruneian percentage dropping -_-'

I seem to be getting used to getting so many visitors cause I can't even remember what my counter was at last time I came here. I remember it was somewhere in the mid 1700's. But it seems that I've picked up people from new areas now. I wonder what exactly compelled people from Brazil to start coming here. This is how I feel I should express this odd attention that my blog is attracting from around the world. PhotobucketPhotobucket

Seriously though, me and my acquaintances are wondering why this is so. It can't just be because of my gundam pictures because my most visited posts aren't related to them at all.

I recently started rereading a couple of the old manga series I had and I rediscovered one of them. Uzumaki was such a great piece of work that it got me thinking what were the most memorable manga and anime I’ve ever gone through. I won’t be including anime movies in there though since they’re a whole other level from normal anime. That said, there’s a high percentage of good movies in there like “Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho”, “Toki wo Kakeru Shojo” and the 3rd Keroro Gunso Movie. I won’t be including one shots either, just manga series. Top is manga and bottom is anime.

Best Horror
Seriously… I can’t think of anything else more disturbing than this series. Not even the “Nice Boat” ending of school days could compare to any of the stuff in here. This manga contains snail people, reanimating corpses, cannibalism and talking babies. I’m making it sound less gruesome than it really is by the way. That however makes it an excellent story worth remembering for the rest of your life.
Ghost Hound
Not quite as creepy as Uzumaki but still quite chilling. From the creepy static transitions, the haunting voiceovers, the character designs and the flashbacks; every bit of the direction here was great. It’s unfortunate that they rushed the ending but this series was very well done up to that point.

Most Tragic
Written by one of my favorite mangaka, a giant robot is sent to earth and a bunch of kids have to pilot it for a multi universal survival match. The catch is that whoever pilots it will die after their fight is over. If anyone of them lose, they’re taking the rest of their universe with them to oblivion. It’s a very dark story with plenty of character development and deaths. I’m lovin’ it!
I probably would have written Bokurano in this one as well but I’ve seen Air and that was designed to make people cry. The fact that the tragedy happens to someone who was made to make you think, “But she doesn’t deserve it!” doesn’t really help ease up the pain you’d feel all through the story. I prefer the movie version by Toei though. It made more sense to me and the ending scene was ridiculously heartbreaking. It didn’t make me cry though so better luck with Rewrite KEY!

Most Heartwarming
I can’t really remember many other comics that I read for heartwarming moments but this one is the most heartwarming one I’ve read so far. Aside from the charmingly memorable characters, the conclusion for the various plot lines in this series were concluded with the warmth that these characters held. It’s a very feel good manga, quite contrasting to the darker stories I usually prefer.
This anime will finally end next week but it has already reached its conclusion this week. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; this is a very powerful story. Despite that ridiculously depressing normal ending that the game and the episode last week had, there are plenty of moments in this story that are touching enough to make room of girls start bawling. I know this because I’ve watched a movie that made them cry with them and I laughed at it. If something like that is heartwarming then I must be watching anime that makes your heart burn… actually yeah, I do watch those but they burn in other ways. RAW RAW FIGHT THE POWAH!!

Most Awesome
Majin Tantei Neuro Nougami
The manga is ending soon and I demand another season to display the awesomeness of Neuro and Sicks! This definitely stands out among all its friends in Shonen Sunday. You could call the art style itself a masterpiece in a way but what stands out are the characters and the climaxes of the story. Everytime a plot reaches its climax this story never fails to deliver a high level of awesome that makes it amazing. I should also mention that the author always seems to give characters some of the most interesting death scenes in this manga.
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
RAW RAW FIGHT THE POWAH! This series practically reeks of manliness and GARsome! It's ridiculously over the top action and characters are simply amazing. The story is quite entertaining too. This is basically the antithesis of evangelion since it simply fills the hearts of men with overflowingly hot blood! On top of that, the main mecha is powered by hotblooded-ness and directs that power through drills!

Most Depressing
Shadow Star
Another great work done by the creator of Bokurano. It seems like another Mahou Shojo story but you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover (You just can’t overlook Mahou Shoujo shows nowadays, they keep surprising me). In a way it has some charming quality to it but that’s usually crushed down by some small detail revealed later in the story. Ending, characters and plot. All of it is terribly depressing. Great story though.
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Same reasons as above. Only that the characters were a lot more depressing. Air was beautifully tragic and lifted my spirits somewhat but this series is just downright depressing. It’s so depressing that there have been many emo conversions and suicides because of this series. It’s a famous mecha anime by the way.

Most Gory
Don’t want to explain why so here’s a picture to illustrate my point. It is a very disturbing image so I’d advise you to think before you click it. It is impossible to UNSEE this image so consider this carefully:
Ga-Rei Zero
They censored a hand being sliced off, a head rolling down from the neck, blood spurting out from the neck and the insides of those sliced off body parts. And that’s all just in the first episode. I have no idea what else they censored in the other episodes but damn, I really wished they hadn’t censored it. The snapshots of the uncensored version looked sick. By that I mean both cool and gross but mostly cool. Kara no Kyoukai: Remaining Sense of Pain deserves a special mention here. A movie but nevertheless awesome.

Best Improvement over Original Source
To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
A spin-off manga based on the To Aru Majutsu no Index light novel series. In this manga, the side characters are given time to shine and are quite often more dynamic than the source material. Kuroko the teleporter is my favorite character from this manga because of the ruthless methods she uses to deal with criminals. Too bad she’s got that annoying speech pattern and such a bland role in the anime.
Seto no Hanayome

While the manga was quite funny, the anime took the over the top jokes even higher and made this one of the funniest anime series. It’s such a shame GONZO’s financial troubles affected the OVA’s. The anime was comedic gold but the second OVA couldn’t live up to the ridiculously high level of LOL the series had. The biggest change was the alteration of a normal chapter and using it as an EPIC kickass two episode ending filled with crowning moments of awesome!

Best Action
Mahou Sensei Negima

Ken Akamatsu’s current work. It started off as a love comedy harem manga and somehow added Shonen into the mix. While the amount of action in it can’t match many of the straight out Shonen series out there, the sheer quality of those scenes are awesome. As defined by the creators of Bakuman, Ken Akamatsu is no gambler! He is a true genius! How else could he be earning millions, be 40+ and have a 20+ wife who cosplays for him and be allowed to take a week off every four chapters.
Gundam 00
There is some the coolest stuff in this series. You get to see a giant space elevator fall to pieces, long war-like battles, outrageous battle tactics and whatever trick Graham “Bushido” Aker has up his sleeves. And it’s all in HD! A good use of Sunrise’s budget this turned out to be. So is that full scale RX-78 statue they’re building over there in Japan. It’s only a matter of time till they’ll make a real one.


I LOL’d an average number of 5 times per chapter with this manga. It’s just that funny. The main comical genius here is obviously Yotsuba and her interactions with the other characters which is probably why it’s name is Yotsubato which translates to “Yotsuba and…”.
Fullmetal Panic Fumoffu
I did say that Seto no Hanayome was funny but I found this series to be guilty of surpassing that. A guy who speaks in a deadpan voice committing various acts of crime including kidnapping, assault, blackmail and extortion simply because he believed it to be the best way to do things. He who bombs a shoe locker for security reasons shall forever be remembered for doing so.

That's it for my list. Please vote on the right side cause I'd like to know what exactly is the attracting power of my blog. Sankyuu!

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