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Friday, 20 March 2009

Holidays once more

Schools holidays have just started but I’m already feeling that it’s way too short. According to an encyclopedia I read years ago, Brunei is one of the top ten countries in the world with the highest number of school days. We’re probably still in seventh place since we had 200 school days then and we still have 200 school days now. I really envy those living in temperate zones since they have fewer school days thanks to their own holidays and seasons. Our ten day break hardly compares to theirs which last months. With global warming, it’ll probably get even longer too. On a side note, this time my Dynames fell off my mirror table while I was a sleep last night. Not very strange unless you count the fact that it was far away enough from the edge that it shouldn't even reach the edge if it falls. I've also added a chatbox here.

To get the anime club in the mood for holidays early, I decided that we should watch a movie for the last day of the term. By the way, our school’s projector bag is ridiculously big. The projector itself could fit in my laptop’s backpack but the case was the size of a luggage bag. I showed them “Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo” and they seemed to like it quite a bit. I had to cut it short though because we were strapped for time because of time delays caused by faulty power points in the room so I had to skip the first ten minutes. Even with that much time skipped over, we had to stay back five minutes more to get to the farewell scene at the end. There was quite a lot more laughter than I thought there would be but I guess that’s a sign of my experience with anime compared to theirs. Ahahaha… you watch enough anime and those small visual and tsukkomi gags will only be able to bring a smile rather than a laugh 97% percent of the time.

I was very amused at the farewell scene though. It’s a kind of slow scene that was deliberately paced so that it looked like the guy was going to kiss the girl. It was at that part where I heard everyone squeal in delight. When the psudeo kiss scene actually turned out to be a heartwarming embrace, everyone went “Awhhhh”. It made me consider the possibility that my juniors are quite the romanticists for wanting a kiss scene. If you ask me, it would have been an awkward and sudden development considering the relationship of the two characters. That hug was a smart move on the director’s part because unlike Hollywood movie directors, the Japanese directors seem to prefer going for the feel of the movie rather than go for what everyone’s expecting. To me, hugs are a more natural start for romances than kisses because it’s a more comfortable and natural pace than a kiss that implies many things in an instant. It is one of the reasons I find Twilight to be overhyped trash. It’s supposedly getting an anime adaptation but with that kind of story I doubt even KyoAni could make it appealing to me. I can’t even get myself to watch or read Vampire Knight because I really don’t like vampire stories. Why are people so fascinated with vampires? There’s plenty of vampire fanfics at even in stories where nothing even remotely resembles one of those bloodsuckers.

From there it got me to thinking this, why do girls paint their nails? It looks terribly unnatural and I don’t any guy who actually finds them appealing. They’re basically the same thing as tattoos and you have to cut them anyway so why bother painting them in the first place? I guess it’s probably the same reason why people dye their hair but it still doesn’t seem sensible in any aspect. Directly from there it made me figure out traits I’d want in an ideal girl. She’d have to be smart, cute and have a challenging and troublesome personality. That way, I can have a lot fun being entertained by her antics and annoying her. I’d never be able to enjoy being around someone who bores me for a long period of time. However, if they possess the inability to read moods and are overly needy or talkative then that would make her too annoying for me to stand. Unfortunately the closest match to that would be Suzumiya Haruhi or Kawashima Ami but unlike most Otakus, I don’t feel the same attraction they do towards 2D characters. You have a guy who’s never cried at movies or anime talking here. I’ve watched “Grave of the fireflies” and “Air – The Movie” and my eyes came out dry so the chances of me getting the least bit emotionally attached to any character are close to zero. I do have favorite characters for particular series but I never relate myself to them. They were tragic movies but they weren’t tragic enough. I say that to those who did and they’ll either call me a liar or some manner of a heartless being. The internet keeps saying that I’m the latter though. People like Adlan would call me a liar since he can’t seem to accept the fact that I don’t like hentai no matter how many times I say so. There are people who have seen and rejected the “darkness” of the Otaku world and I’m one of them. He’s one of those people who believe that the “darkness” is what the Otaku world really is. That’s what happens when what you look for in anime isn’t the storyline.

Speaking of storylines, the second half of Heroes season three is ridiculously predictable and dull. Anyone with a brain should have figured out that Rebel is Micah since no one else has super l337 haxxorz skills. The only good parts of the show are usually Sylar’s and Hiro’s but they’ve been less than satisfying in terms of development lately. I really do hope they get rid of Claire soon though, she’s the most annoying character on the show and letting her mother in on this needlessly long undercover act didn’t help at all. I’m even enjoying one Nanoha StrikerS episode as much as three Heroes episodes and that’s the season with the slowest pacing out of all three. I do hope that they’ll animate the fourth season using a single cour length since a double cour would just slow down the pacing again. Lost on the other hand was amazing in the fourth season and nearly as good this season. I just wish that they’d hurry up with the smoke monster’s reveal.

To show exactly how good it is, here's a Nanoha video dubbed over with voices from an ace combat game:

I just saw a demo for the upcoming Miku –Project Diva PSP game and it will bug me that I don’t have a PSP to play it on since from what I’ve heard and seen, this could be one of the best PSP games ever. Kingdom Hearts - Birth by Sleep is a close contender though. It basically plays like guitar hero only that the commands fly all over the screen a pattern so you can watch Miku dance in impressive backdrops while playing. I imagine that might prove to be detrimental to players score seeing as how distracting it can be. I can see how high the playability will be for this game with all the customizations this game offers. You can even add in your own mp3’s to play to, a feature I’m still wondering why guitar hero doesn’t have. Hopefully they included a Tako Luka character inside as well but since there aren’t as many Luka songs as there are Miku songs so she’ll probably have to wait for a sequel before showing up.

Here's a couple of gameplay videos

Here's a link with a video showing more of the features:

Good news for Gunpla collectors though. They’ve announced the HG 1/144 sets Susanoo, Arche Gundam and 0 Gundam. 0 Gundam’s release date isn’t confirmed but judging by the fact that Susanoo is set for July and Arche set for May, the 0 gundam will most likely be in June. Hopefully they’ll release a 1/100 model for Susanoo and 0 gundam because the announcement of their 1/144 kits is tempting me to get the Trans-Am 00 Raiser too. But knowing from Bandai’s penchant for being evil bastards, they’ll be releasing a 1/100 Trans-Am 00 Raiser next followed by 1/100 Trans-Am Cherudim, Arios and Seravee coming with the extra equipment. This is the work of pure evil since the extra equipment look pretty damn cool and now I don’t know whether to go for any of the 1/100 kits just yet. But since the Innovators have Trans-Am now, it’s quite likely that they’ll be releasing Trans-Am kits for Gadessa, Garazzo, Gadessu, Gaga and Susanoo. Probably Arche too if they show Ali using it next week. And as for the upcoming MG Unicorn Coating version, it looks like a pretty good kit. The shiny coat goes quite well with the clear plastic pink between the armor plates.


Trans-Am 00 Raiser. SOOOO TEMPTING

Susanoo a.k.a. Samurai Flag

0 Gundam

Arche Gundam

To finish things off, I'll leave up the winning design for a new flag for the welsh on an online "Redesign the Welsh Flag to include a Dragon" competiton. It won the contest in a landslide and that's not surprising considering that it's based on Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.


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