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Friday, 6 March 2009

Some Japanese Videos

Let's see... not much happened lately except for the fact that it seems my blog seems to be getting a steady flow of visitors from all sorts of places. We didn't get in trouble for all the people that were sacrificed to the pond on the cross country race day either so I assume it's some sort of open secret at school. I've also learnt that Adlan seems to be an expert on crocodiles. Here's something useful he told me, crocs can climb trees so I'll keep that in mind when I need to run from one.

Lots of Foreigners

Also it seems that Omni of random curiosity is late with posting up reviews for Clannad After Story and Druaga today. I can think of one very good reason why:

Clannad After Story Makes People Cry... A LOT

As for this post, I figured I should share my video finds for today and explain a famous icon in the Otaku world. That icon is:

Hatsune Miku!

Hatsune Miku is a version of a series of voice synthesizing software. Miku was the second version of the software and by far the most popular choice due to both her appearance and how well her voice goes with music. Honestly though, I suspect she became popular because of the leek. There are hundreds of videos of her singing and almost all of them are fanmade. Take a listen at some of the videos. And yes, those images and CG's are fanmade even though they're that impressive.

That chibi form of Miku is dubbed Hachune Miku which originated from a fanart from who knows where. That pink haired girl, Megurine Luka, is the latest version of the software and though she has a good voice, I still prefer Miku's one since it blends better with BGM. She's also gotten popular really quick and I think it's got to do with her chibi form. Don't ask why her chibi form, Tako Luka, is an octopus cause I'd like to know myself as well. Those elevens come up with the strangest ideas.

As for finishing up this post... I'll leave you a link to an article I found on Danny's site. This world is filled with all sorts of people isn't it? You'll get what I mean when you see it.

It's a TRAP

EDITED: Noticed I posted up the videos wrong. They're fixed now. I also added my favorite Tako Luka vid so far, Maguro Tabetai.

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