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Monday, 9 March 2009

Maulud Nabi 2009

Today was Maulud Nabi and unlike the previous years, I went marching in Tutong for this year. Seeing as I was staying at grandpa's that meant I was going to have to do it here instead of in Bandar where we'd usually have to park near one of the docks and take a boat ride from there.

This year, I joined with my grandpa's kampong's group and the ones who ended up carrying the banner were all from my family. I carried the right side halfway and my brother and cousins alternated after that. The walk is shorter than the one in Bandar but it was just raining so my legs got dirtied up a lot.

If I had one of those camoflage raincoats, I'd be able to cosplay as The End

After we were done with the entire thing, we went to a restaurant and stayed there for an hour. Not because the food was good but because the service was terrible. I know the place was busy but's that's no excuse to make us wait just to be attended to, make us write own our orders on the pad she gave us, wait 20 minutes for our drinks which was just pepsi and mugs of ice and take 40 minutes to realize that there was a number three written next to the our orders of Kolo Mee. To top it off, they didn't even make that right since the order specified no vegetables even though my brother got his when it was still busy. My brother was the only one that got the order right and that was the first one that got sent while it was busy while the ones me and my cousin had to wait for was after most of the people left. The kolo mee wasn't good enough to even wait 20 minutes for so I went and bought a cornetto. The cornetto was more satisfying than the Kolo Mee too. While they wasted our time, I was picturing an explosion happening right then and there in the kitchen out of irritation. Bloody restaurant!

It seems I'll be adding Black Saber to my order next month since they're half off at the moment. Just hope the stocks and bargain sale last that long. It looks better than the normal version and comes with the dark and holy excalibur swords. Hopefully it'll be able to hold the leeks that's coming with the Kagmiku figma cause it'll interesting to see such a menacing figure using leeks as weapons. I'll probably be ordering a pair of action display bases 1 & 2 for my gundams as well but not quite sure what color to pick, sparkling green is out of the question since it's sold out so maybe I'll get black for both.

I don't really have much else to talk about so I'll just post up more vocaloid videos. The last one is another good Tako Luka video. I'm really hoping that Tako Luka figma's a real release.

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