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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Sick Friends and Yugioh

Gah… I just found something new about two of my friends today.

They are SICK people.

And I don’t mean SICK as in COOL but SICK as in GROSS. One of them recognized a manga I was reading in the library and asked me if it was something called “The place of happiness”. He then said I was reading some sort of hentai manga. I immediately wondered if something was wrong with him since I was reading Yotsubato at the time. Then I showed that it wasn’t such a thing and asked him what he was on about. Apparently he didn’t realize that the hentai he read was based off this manga. Apparently I’ve also underestimated Rule 34; everything that’s on the internet has some porongraphic version somewhere on the net. I can’t believe there’s someone out there who’s depraved enough to make a hentai manga based off this charming series. Whoever did that deserves to die. There are limits to how far one can go.

Asagi's definitely my favorite character after Yotsuba

It seems that friend of mine got that hentai manga from another one of my friends and though he says that he doesn’t enjoy all of the hentai he reads, I find him to be dubious person based on the fact that he kept and gave it to that other friend. That other guy as well as he was able to recognize the characters from a distance. Those two worry me…

As for the day itself, I think it went pretty damn well. For one thing my luck with avoiding trouble was on high today since I didn’t finish the massive amounts of homework that was due today. When I woke up this morning, I just intuitively knew that I didn’t need to worry about my homework today and it turns out that my teacher wasn’t around for class today so we ended up with free periods.

Also it seems that I can’t really do much outside in the afternoon lately because of how much brighter the sun seems to be getting everyday. Especially at high noon since that’s when it’s brightest. I really need to close one eye to be able to see properly at all. I wonder if it really is getting brighter or it’s just me. There’ s a good chance it could be both.

You see, a couple of weeks ago I woke up at the usual 5.30 am for school and for some reason my head oddly dizzy. It wasn’t me being sleepy but a genuine dizziness. I stumbled out of bed missing a step here and there until I opened the door outside. When I did open, it felt like there was this blinding light that came from up above and it felt like I just saw several camera flashes and they stayed imprinted on my eyes until I reached the bathroom where it was dark. I got used to the light once I made it there and turned on the bathroom light. I noticed everything seemed more vivid than usual. I noticed that a lot more later when I was watching the view pass me by as the car made its way to school later.

I was puzzled by the abrupt jump in the quality of the appearance of those everyday items that I saw. I kept wondering what was going on until it hit me. This improvement in my sight wasn’t like whenever I was trying on new glasses where everything was crisp and clear but rather because everything was more colorful than normal. It’s not just the color, the speed I’m seeing things at also seems to have sped up. I swear, the colors I saw were much more vibrant and deep than I remembered seeing and it seems to have been permanent. I say that because everything looks normal to me now despite the deeper colors. It seems I’ve gotten used to it but now it bothers me whenever the light and ceiling fans in the classrooms are both turned on. The shadows keep flickering when that happens and it’s really distracting to see that.

Also, I’m beginning to feel that my room is either cursed or there’s something else residing in there other than me. Whatever is going on, my possessions are suffering because of it. My shower heater broke down, the door knob jammed on me while I was inside and had to be hammered off to get me out, my bed lamp flickers on and off 5 minutes after turning it on, my bed’s frame broke down in two different spots on two different occasions, I found my Astrea’s right arm and rifle dismantled yesterday after I woke up and my room’s doorknob’s locking mechanism malfunctioned and had to be fixed before I could use it like normal. The latest thing is that my air conditioner turns itself off automatically even at night unless I’m about to go to sleep and it’s one of those old fashioned non digitally controlled units. It doesn’t have a timer to work with and it screws around with me by shutting itself down at the most annoying times. Then there’s that weird picture my brother took for one of his projects that was supposed to have the door between our rooms in the picture. And I do mean supposed to because for some reason this weird light in place of the door and that door is closed at all times. I considered all possible explanations and there is no way that green paint can reflect light like that picture!

Would be so damn awesome if they made this

As for my otaku hobbies, I am terribly annoyed by Bandai. They’re releasing a HG 1/144 scale Trans-am version of the 00 raiser that comes with a super sweet GN Buster Sword III for 1900 yen at Hobby Search. Why am annoyed with the announcement of this kit? Here’s why:

G) I already have a 1/100 00 Raiser kit which is damn near excellent.
U) I already pre-ordered my Kagami Miku Figma for April which costs $53 including shipping.
N) I want to buy a 1/100 Seravee along with the Hatsune Miku Figma I ordered for May.
D) I can normally save $60 in a month. That Konata cosplay figma will cost at least $150. T-T
A) I wanted to get a MG Rx-78-2 ver. Ka
Damn you Bandai... Damn you!!

The anime merchandising industry is planning to burn my wallet with such high quality items. At this rate, I’ll have to get the 1/144 Seravee and 1/144 Seraphim gundam instead of the 1/100 Seravee. That may be accompanied by a 1/144 Garazzo and a 1/144 Gadessu if that’s being released anytime soon. I was even planning to get the 1/100 Cherudim in July along with a Revoltech Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann which is cheaper than any figmas on the market by the way. At least my buying of these 00 model kits have helped Bandai decide to make a 00 gundam movie because of the high sales. I worry for the ending of the tv series though since the staff spoilers that came from 2ch by a disgruntled animator has much of us worried about how he described the ending as “lame” and the series as a “failed creative work to begin”. He also called the director, Mizushima Seiji, who also happened to direct the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime a “fat lazy pig”. I’m inclined to believe that it’s just an angry underpaid animator who’s trying to discredit the series as Gundam 00 could hardly be called a failed creative work. Although… the latest episodes have been less awesome than the first 17 of the second season. The ending better be good.

Aside from the Kagamiku and Miku Figmas that I’ll be getting in April and May and hopefully that ridiculously expensive Konata Cosplay one, I plan on getting some other ones as well. It is my understanding that the more Figmas you have, the more value they hold since they have interchangeable parts. The accessories also happen to be same with most 1/144 scale gundam model kits. The ones that have peaked my interests are the Revoltech Black Saber, the Asakura Ryouko Figma, the Flaming Red Haired Shana Figma and the Lelouch Lamperouge figma. At this rate, it seems that I’ll be getting 1/144 scale gunplas to make up for the influx of figmas.

Revoltech Dark Saber

Revoltech Gurren Lagann

Katsuragi Yako Nendoroid. Gotta love that expression
Zero is Here!
I do wonder why they released a Lelouch Figma instead of his Zero alternate identity. I’m quite sure there’s a lot more people who’d want Zero over his normal Lelouch self. Seriously, how is a figma of a guy in a school uniform with a cat more appealing than caped masked anarchist with a gun and a sword? Then again they didn’t release the Konata Cosplay figma as a commercial release either so my guess is that these companies just love being bastards. An possibly a Nanoha figma depending on just how much pwnage she does in the 3rd season which I have yet to see. She does a lot of it in the 2nd season though.

Oh yeah, a Tako Luka Figma as well if it’s actually for real…


Now for a new concept to introduce to Non to N00bish Otakus: Dollfies

Dollfie Illyasviel Von Einzbern

Dollfie StrikerS Takamachi Nanoha

Dollfie Kagami... DO NOT WANT

These dolls are a very expensive brand of big scale figures made of plastic made to imitate skin. They’re quite possibly the most expensive figures out on the market, and the biggest as well. I don’t remember exactly how much these things cost but they’re close to a $1000 bucks a pop. I don’t know why Danny loves these things but that guy seems to get plenty of freebies from the companies he works with. It wouldn’t surprise me if he got his Saber Dollfie for free too. They’re quite creepy and expensive but are also of terribly high quality. Doubt I’ll ever want one of these things though, they’re just too damn creepy for me. It’s like they might just start moving while I’m not around and I do not want anything that keeps reminding me to stay on my guard in my own room. Admittedly, the Illya and Nanoha ones aren’t too bad but the Kagami one is hardly a DO WANT item. The price is just as intimidating as they look too.

I’ve also been setting up my 00 raiser in some cool poses with swords because of that new Trans-Am 00 Raiser kit’s bigass sword. These are as close as I’ll get for a 1/100 scale version. They’ll probably release it with the Master Grade version though.

On Standby...

Twin Drive System Start Up

Twin Drive System Synchro Rate - MAX

Looks pretty damn good with Astraea's Bazooka

Position of GN Drives does not comply with anime

I just may mod Destiny's sword in 00 colors

I also put it and my Wing Zero in a mock Yugioh card battle which Edmond brought up in the library today. We all still regard Faezul as the best duelist that our school has ever seen. Even when he was armed with outdated cards years later, he still kicked most of the guys’ arses at the game. When I gave him some key cards he used in his final version of his deck, they all started complaining on who gave him the much needed upgrade for his. At that point I was pretty much the only one who managed to beat him for a while. Until someone came up with the idea of copying his deck and the trend went downhill from there. Seriously, who on could have fun with everyone using Gravity Burner Decks which could make a duel last as long as half an hour.

Out of the 50+ duels I had with him, I’ve only beaten him a dozen times or so and most of them was before I gave him those upgrades. I still remember that one time I almost beat him but he turned the game around by activating “Appropriate” to my own “Appropriate”. That was the best duel I’ve ever had out of all the duels I’ve played and that was back when I was in form two. During that entire duel, we were trading blows with new tricks and strategies at that time of the trend. The duel ended in my loss with me incapable of drawing any more cards and we were both down to a few a hundred life points. We even had a dozen or so people watching and commenting on how we kept changing the tide of battle every other turn.

He was running a Gravity Bind Burner Deck and I was playing a Blue Eyes Beat Down Field Destruction Deck. Quite contrasting strategies actually, mine was to dominate the field with monsters and magic while his was to survive while barraging me with indirect attacks. Every time I managed to get out my Barrel dragon or Blue Eyes, he always seemed to manage to have a Negate Attack, Mirror Force or Gravity Bind ready for me. And whenever he was about to burn or destroy my cards with his flip effects, I destroyed them before he could use them. I think it was after this duel he started adding a deck and hand destruction element to his game. Terribly, terribly devastating for a year or two. That’s why it was always fun challenging the guy. This is my answer to the guys who asked me why on earth I gave Faezul those upgrades for his deck, “It’s a lot more fun dueling someone at their best”. This reminiscing has got me wanting to play again. My deck is still in pristine condition since I last left it and hopefully other people still have them too.

Zero: Let's Duel!

Zero: I activate Draining Shield and...
Zero: Hang on! Did you just summon a bunch of monsters in one turn?! 00: GN-particles allow me to screw the rules! Just like the show!


That's it for now but I'd like to take this chance to say that Kadokawa is a troll. That company is advertising about rebroadcast of Haruhi's first season but they've been using images made for the second season. They really are trolls.

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