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Friday, 27 March 2009

Earth hour, Anti-twilight forums and Doujin Games

So how many of you Bruneians out there joined in on the earth hour event? I sure did. Spent an hour hidden in darkness last night. The other houses around my granpa's place didn't seem to be interested in joining in. Sadly, today's the last day of the holidays and yet my nose is in a horrible state. This is the third time all my sneezing caused a cold burning kind of feeling in my head and my mom's been worrying about a headache I might get from sneezing for the past few months. I wonder what is that a symptom of? It's starting to worry me as well since I've been waking up with my left nostril coated with a pale yellowish stuff for the past week. It seems to be blood plasma since it's there's a a little bit of red in there and occasionally in tissues after sneezing.

Anyways, I've been roaming around online and I've found a few interesting things to share. For starters a couple of videos with some great music. All of them have earned themselves "Crowning Music of..." on TV tropes so you know they're good.

Godzilla Theme, I cannot help but feel pumped up at hearing this. GODZILLA!

V for Vendetta - Evey Reborn. Loved that movie. The 1812 overture was brilliantly used in that movie.

Kagamine Rin - KOKORO, This earned a crowning moment of heartwarming i think... Or was it a tearjerker?

GReeeeN - Setsuna, A new PV that Omni of Random Curiosity brought up. Hasn't earned any mentions from TV Tropes yet but the song and the video is pretty good. I feel that it'll probably get a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming once one of those tropers finds it. I always wondered what the power rangers did after taking down their Big Bads.

While I was roaming around on TV tropes I found a link that led to an anti twilight forums. There are quite a number of things on that place, including a list of attacks by crazed twilight fans. It seems that list is still getting longer. You should realize by now that I think that twilight is a piece of trash overhyped by hormonal teenage girls that shouldn't be as popular as they make it out to be. Even just by looking at the cover of any of the books I could tell that the stuff inside wasn't going to be worth my time.

It bugs me that trash like that is out on the global market while there's plenty of good light and visual novels from japan that's waiting to be translated. It's just a matter of time though, Rozen Aso is heading the country that Otakuism came from after all.

Sadly, I do know a few girls who fit the category of those crazed twilight fans but I know not to push the buttons too far. Though I have to say that girls nowadays seem to be getting more and more mentally unstable with each year. The teachers really have their work cut out for them.

I was amused to see that there were quite a few girls on that anti-twilight forum but I was stupefied to see the many videos of young girls screaming out their obsession with the book featured on the forum's video topics. I laughed at the comments left by the members though. Gotta give props to guy who plays the main guy for outrightly saying the books. That takes guts and with his character's fanbase, it's amazingly brave of the guy to even be filming the sequel. He's digging a grave for himself though, it's only a matter of time before one of his stalkers kidnaps the guy.

Here's some luzworthy images:

Some webcomic I found linked in TV Tropes. She made the right decision

A memorable forum post from someone. Do the fans even realize that Meyer vampires and edward are fiction? Not very good pieces of fiction at that

Part of someone's sig. The second part says that Raiden sparkles better than Edward. Gotta agree with him there.

It's almost time for the finale of gundam 00 to show up. Unfortunately, the soonest I'll be able to watch it is this tuesday so I shall have to resist the temptations of visiting blogs to know what happened. I want to enjoy that episode spoiler-free so these will be a long two days. On a side note, Bandai are evil #$%^&*s because they just announced a 1/100 00 Raiser Designer's colour that comes with the GN sword III. I really feel like swearing louder than any sailor would dare to because of them. It's even supposed to come with more lighting effects for the head and GN sword III (Not that i'd be able to get the batteries for them here). On the upside, they're releasing a HGUC Hi-Nu gundam so I'm looking forward to that.

To wrap things up, here's a couple of videos of doujin games from comiket. Amazing work for a bunch of amateurs.

Magical Battle Arena - Where Mahou Shojo's Kick Ass!

Ultimate Knight Wisdom XP - Mecha Pawnage In Excess!

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