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Friday, 27 February 2009

2nd February

I find it a little annoying to know that this the second time I've posted on my blog and it's nearly the end of the month. Aside from my limited opportunities at blogging, I haven't had much to blog about lately. And it seems that it's been a 100 more hits since I last posted and again most of them foreigners. Seems like Yahoo and Google bots have found my blog.

For latest events in my life... I've managed to organize the anime club into doing a fandub for To Aru Majutsu Index. We've also got cosplay planned for the end of the year. Hopefully everything run smoothly for the club. And I have to remind myself to remember their names someday though... I also remembr seeing JK Hits last friday and seeing that the firs two videos were songs made for Anime OP songs. Hakanaku no Towa by Uverworld for Gundam 00 and Velonica by Aqua Timez for Bleach. I wonder if they'll be showing Vanilla Salt by Horie Yui for Toradora.

The cross country race will be at school tomorrow and I just know I'll be asleep for the rest of the day because my body will be in so much pain that I won't be able to move around for a couple hours without getting a migraine. The distance has gone up too and hills have been added so this really is a way to spend my last cross country race at school.

As for my online shopping, it seems that I'll be getting my first figma in april and another one in may. I already have enough to pay for one but this means that I'll have to work harder to get a gunpla along with either of them. Good thing the Yen's value is decreasing meaning that I'll pay less for them when I have to pay for them. I cannot wait to get both Kagami Miku Cosplay Ver. Figma and Konata Haruhi Cosplay Ver. Figma. I'll probably be getting Miku before I can scrounge up enough money to get Konata though(Accursed Limited Edition raising its price by 3 times as much online. Only 5000 units ever made). It'd be nice to get a Emiya Kiritsugu figma but such a thing does not exist. Just a badass statue that tempts me despite it being incapable of moving. It'll be interesting to have both surrounded around by my gundams. I'm sure I'll be able to make some amusing pics with them since they can hold gundam weapons too.

Kiritsugu Emiya PVC Figure. A True Badass

Konata Haruhi Cosplay Figma

Kagami Miku Cosplay Figma

The poster for the next anime season is already out as well. An interesting line-up since most of the have some very unique stories. Click to get better details.

To finish things off, more pics of Gadessa and my Impulse. Didn't bother to resize them so I apologize for the quality. The file sizes for the pics also force me to limit how many I can post this time since I'm in a hurry. I'll post the rest when I'm not so busy.

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