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Monday, 30 November 2009

Manga Review Labels!

Alright! I've finally added in the labels for the genres for the manga in my reviews. Please note that the numbers next to the labels do not actually reflect the number of manga I've reviewed, just the number of posts on manga reviews. For nearly two months I made reviews in threes and then started making individual posts.

Thanks to my reviews I'm glad to say that I actually have a following because I found out from my Google Analytics service account that I have visitors that do visit more than once as shown by this graph:


It's interesting to note that my hit counter kept on rising at the usual rate even though I missed 3 days of reviews thanks to my involvement in my school's funfair. Hopefully my schedule won't ever have to be that packed for a while. Anyways, to check out the manga reviews directory page, just go click the word "manga review" under my banner. Speaking of which, I'll be working on new designs for my menubar and banner over the next few days but I'll probably stick to my current background image.

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