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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Manga Review: Lotte no Omocha


Title: Lotte no Omocha
Author: Haga Yui
Release: Monthly
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
Art: B
Originality: A
Story: B
Characters: B
Humor: B
Action: B

Impression: This is about a father who gets employed to serve under a kid succubus princess in the demon realm as a so called harem member but she won’t be requiring that until she grows up. Don’t let the description at mangaupdates fool you since I have yet to see any risqué scenes in this manga yet. Well except for maybe the disdain for underwear displayed by the two kids in the manga but what kind of person finds that erotic? I don’t consider lolicons as people by the way, they just don’t qualify to be people. It’s quite an amusing manga that seems to be aiming at the growth of the princess to get past her trauma over men and how exactly the father and his daughter that get roped into the demon world are related to the demon world. There’s a good level of humor and a good set up so this could turn out to be pretty good if the author plays her cards right.

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