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Friday, 27 November 2009

I'm back from the funfair!

First of all I’d like to apologize to anyone expecting them for the last few days of no reviews as I was busy with the funfair I was organizing at school. I lost weight, slept 6 hours of sleep over three days, barely broke even and worked myself so hard that my balance and walking ability was shot the day after the funfair. On the upside I had a lot of fun doing it, scared and creeped the fuck out of plenty of people with my costume, ended the last day of my school life with a legendary bang and all the weight I lost came from my thighs meaning that I’ll be back to my pre-A’level physique as soon as I’m done recuperating. That basically means my legs will be strong enough to restart my parkour training again which I have plenty of time for now that I’m officially a NEET.

Now that I have free time, I think I’ll get to work on that facebook account that everyone’s been bugging me to make and also get back to writing for my other blog which has been in hibernation since I started it. I only started taking pictures of the funfair after rush hour ended so I don’t have any pictures since I was running around for 4 hours making sure everything was starting up right so I’ll post up my take on the funfair after I find enough pictures from everyone for all the events. Here's the very first picture I took for that day.

Me, just after putting on my costume

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