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Monday, 16 November 2009

Review: Hiiragi Kagami Summer Uniform Version Figma

Originally,I ordered this Kagami figma with a Shirou figma but he got delayed to this month. To my surprise they managed to release it a few days but I still have to wait until the rest of the stuff me and my friends ordered this month. Among them are two PVC statues of Kagami and Konata in cosplay that measure at 14cm each so hopefully they'll arrive before the funfair on the 25th so I can add them to the exhibition. It's an exhibition exclusive to my school so there's very little chance of outsiders getting a look into the exhibition our anime club is setting up unless you're invited.

It cost me 2261 yen from Hobbysearch which was about B$35 this time around due to recently fluctuating currency exchange and it cost me about B$6 in shipping since it was shipped with Khai’s and Zaki’s stuff, 1 MG Strike Freedom Full Burst and 2 MG Astray Blue Frame L. It was originally going to cost me more since it was originally a separate pre-order from the gundams but they shipped them together since Kagami came out at the same time the gundams were about to get shipped. Strangely enough, the original shipping for the gundams alone was 5500 yen but it went down to 5000 yen after adding my figma. It was a really big box too so I have to wonder how much packaging material cost them. Additionally it was delivered in a Bandai brand cardboard box so it really was interesting to pick this shipment up at the post office. Incidentally, I was typing this entire paragraph while watching GA – Geijutsuka Art Design (IMHO Best Comedy of the Summer Anime Season) on TV the entire time without looking at the computer screen or keyboard and came out with only 6 typos – Multi-tasking skill UP! LOL.

Front View

Top View

Side View

The Other Side View

Back View

Just realized that was here - Basically "Age 15 and Above"

This figma comes with:
  • 1 Smiling Face
  • 1 Annoyed face
  • 1 Blank Face
  • 1 Misao Head + Face
  • 1 Sheet of Face Stickers
  • 1 Figma Stand
  • 10 pairs of hands – (Thumbs up, Holding, Pointing, Closed Fist & Open Palm Types)
  • 1 Sky Background

Kagami's sticker sheet

Konata's sticker sheet

My new Kagami

Heads rolling once more

Misao as well but I'm not a fan of hers

Kagami - Tako mode

Angry Tako mode

It sort of reminds me of those fights with the droids in Portal

Tako Attack!

Never steal bodies without permission!

Most fitting expressions for them

While I am glad I finally have a normal Kagami and Konata figma, I am a little doubtful of the design quality for this version of Kagami. All my complaints towards this one are all new ones I didn’t encounter in my 0other Lucky star figmas. The most problematic one is the fact that Kagami’s head doesn’t fit Kagamiku’s faces very well. The new faces fit well enough into Kagamiku’s head though. Even when I manage to squeeze them in, they end up looking awkward if you just slot them in without finding the right position. In fact the faces it came with leave a slight gap right under the fringe portion when you put them in. It could be factory defect since I don’t see the point of them redesigning the head but chances are that they did since I can’t find any obvious signs of it being a defect other than when you put faces in.

Have not decided on how to decorate the blank face

Most definitely the best face for Kagami yet

Misao's face on Kagami just pisses me off for some reason

Good Job!

The next thing I noticed was that the hip joint was a lot looser than my other figmas. All I have to is hold it by the legs and the torso slides in the direction I move my hand in. It really made posing a lot harder without using the figma stand. Finally I noticed that for some reason the left leg is longer than the right leg. Not enough for it to look obvious just by seeing but when you’re trying to get it to pose it’s hard not to notice that the left leg is longer.

Indulging in sweets...

And paying for it

Old faces don't seem to fit on the new head though. A little modding might help though

Left - Winter Kagami's Smiling Face, Right - Kagamiku's shy face

Both new faces are pretty well designed

It even works on Konata quite splendidly

I wonder why I didn't try this before?

Like a whole new character

If the hair were brown I'd think it was Shirai Kuroko of Railgun instead

Funnily enough, the mangaka CONFIRMS that there is a one-sided crush between Kagami and Konata. She didn't reveal which one though. My bets are on Kagami.

Tried it with the lopped off ahoge konata head

Perspective is very important in making pics like this

Konata's has no ribbons on her shoes

Tako smile

Aside from all that, the rest of the joints work exceedingly well. The hands slide into their slots very easily and stay in place very nicely and Kagami’s faces were very well made this time around so it was worth getting it as they made for some very nice pictures. The twintails do feel like they might snap off if I’m not careful but otherwise they work just fine in terms of posing. Also, it’s nice of Max Factory to add in that “ticked off” sticker in there but I haven’t figured out the right face to put on the blank face it came with.

The many faces of Kagami

Both version side by side

All four of my lucky star figmas. I have six figmas in total

Overall it was worth the buy and it does make me want to get the other two summer version figmas I haven’t gotten yet but I also want to get some new gunplay from this new site Khai found with great discounts on Reborns and Masurao kits. It’s still going to depend on how much money I’ll be able to muster up to buy them though but with the total price for both at just a bit higher than a figma, I am quite eager to get them. Particularly since I’ll have to part with my MG Endless Waltz Wing Zero Custom as part of this plan I have to gather funds. Students at my school better fall for my schemes otherwise I’d be giving up my first MG just like that. Oh well, please look forward to my review on Fate Stay/Night’s Emiya Shirou figma next time.


ORZ before Konata!

Decided it was best to put them here. The other table is messy... very messy.

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