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Friday, 8 January 2010

First Post of 2010: New Year Resolutions

First post of 2010 and I was thinking of starting things of with something that's not a review like a couple of pictures, videos and a list of resolutions for 2010. I'd been hoping to have a new layout ready for the new year as well but the current one works well enough.


My first try at typesetting my own translation which isn't half bad but seeing this here made me realize the last bubble's translation is a bit off. For those of you not reading the manga, this is from volume 7 chapter 199 and Konata & friends graduated from high school in volume 6. If they can make a 2nd K-On! anime why can't they make another Lucky Star?

A couple of motivationals I made while rereading Mahou Sensei Negima. My visits to 4chan on New Year's may have had something to do with their creation.

SUPERCELL's new song, "Goodbye Memories". Good but not their best.

Sherlock Holmes Soundtrack - Discombobulate. Loved the movie, loved the track and I hope you'll love my review tomorrow. The word means to add in confusion by the way.

K-On! Gundam 00 MAD I found on Nico Nico Charts last week. An odd but brilliant video.

As for my new year's resolutions I couldn't really come with any single one thing so I'll just put down this to do list:

1) Make a new Blog Layout
2) Write up and finish at least 5 stories for my other blog by the end of the year. I keep an ideas book and so far I have close to 100 individual story ideas out 173 plot ideas..

If you can actually read them from this LQ webcam image then you have too much free time.

3) Get better at knife throwing.
4) Remember to take the JLPT this year. I forgot all about the damn thing last year and right now I'm sure I can ace level 3.
5) Level up my photoshop skills.
6) Improve my left handed writing.
7) Make an AMV.
8) Learn another language, probably italian.
9) Upgrade my stealth skills... somehow...
10) Learn how to make a pizza from scratch
11) Extend my held breath time to 3 minutes. Currently 2 minutes at best.
12) Learn some roping skills.
13) Write more non-anime related articles on my blog.
14) Figure better ways of conciously controlling my involuntary body functions.
15) Smuggle a boomerang or BB gun into my possession.

That's it. Look forward to the Sherlock Holmes review tomorrow.

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