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Sunday, 2 August 2009

My Bucket List

Everyone has things they want to do in life but what I want to talk about aren’t the things they want to become or the gold at the end of their rainbow. No, what I want to talk about are the little things that get you by in life, those small things you want to do at least once in your life before you die. A “Bucket List” if you’ve watched that movie.

I’ve been asking some of my friends at school at what they wanted to do in their lives at least once. I’ve had to explain it a second time when they all responded with stuff like “Get a good job”, “Have 3 kids” or stuff like that. Most of them then couldn’t really think of anything interesting but Faizul gave me a really good answer, “Go to the UK and make fun of a British Indian’s accent in front of him” lol. I’m betting Russel Peters is to blame for that

When I told them what I wanted to do the most common responses I got were “Nice!”, “You are scary” and plenty of lol’s. Can’t say I blame them, most of the things on my list are very odd things to do at all. I’ll have lead a great life if I even manage to do half of the things on my list though.

Here is the list of things I want to do before I die. Orange for complete and Red for partially complete:
  1. Publish a story
  2. Write a traumatizing horror story
  3. Build enough gunpla to fill a room
  4. Make dream home
  5. Make several secret bases and safehouses
  6. Meet an actual arms dealer
  7. Start a meme
  8. Blow up a bomb in a pool
  9. Fire a sniper rifle
  10. Kick down a door
  11. Trick someone into drinking pee
  12. Wear a longcoat and do the “Have a look!” pose!
  13. Make a Miku song
  14. Stand on top of a tower, laugh madly with arms crossed when it’s windy
  15. Quote Gurren Lagann epicly
  16. Cause an “Oh. Shit.” moment (Several in fact but not on a massive scale yet)
  17. Make an epic ORZ pictogram
  18. Learn to throw swords ala Gilgamesh
  19. To stand in the middle of a field of swords
  20. To dual wield guns
  21. Kick asses in one on many fight
  22. Set someone on fire and watch
  23. Wear a Fedora Hat
  24. Wear a top hat
  25. Wear a completely white suit
  26. Eat something made from a 2m+ long fish/shark
  27. Kick a guy into a pit
  28. Create a virus using either biotech or programming
  29. Play with giant dominos
  30. Eat a chicken at a KFC in Kentucky
  31. Chuck a swordfish
  32. Fulfill some random prophecy
  33. Witness an exorcism
  34. Make a pope joke in front of the pope
  35. Fire a railgun or watch a railgun fire
  36. Jump out of a flying aircraft
  37. Have a big damn hero moment
  38. Learn how to use a whip like Indiana jones
  39. Use a sledge hammer to bust down a Mac in front of mac lovers.
  40. Chase or get chased by a bunch of penguins
  41. Release a horde of turtles unto unsuspecting victims
  42. Take part on one of Anon’s hacking events
  43. Catch a boomerang in mid-flight
  44. See the gundam statue up close
  45. Snatch someone up from the street with a moving van like a kidnapping
  46. Wear a hazmat suit in public and bring along a fake Geiger counter
  47. Get on an official wanted list
  48. Set a trail of oil/gunpowder on fire
  49. Perform a real life rick roll
  50. Scale a building
  51. Visit a prison
  52. Own a Harisen
  53. Trick the media into reporting a fake and unbelievable story
  54. Trick someone into thinking that I’m a hitman sent to kill them
  55. Set a new world record
  56. Throw a paper airplane from a skyscraper
  57. Ride on a hovercraft
  58. Solve a real life detective mystery
  59. Encounter an actual amnesiac
  60. Meet a former KGB/CIA/FBI/MI6 agent
  61. Become a living legend somewhere
  62. Eat a slice of the best damn pizza in the world
  63. Create an original PC game
  64. Play Yoko Shimomura’s “The other Promise” on a piano
  65. Eat a roast duck
  66. Swim in ice cold waters in the north
  67. Get 1000 people to sign a petition
  68. Make an old friend go “GAH! It’s you!!”
  69. Remind old friends of nicknames I gave them ten years after not calling them by their nicknames
  70. Take part in a scavenger hunt
  71. Make a movie
  72. Get reported on by CNN/BBC
  73. Get a visit from all UN countries in the world
  74. Eat takoyaki/ramen in Osaka
  75. Shop at Akihabara
  76. Troll people using a TV broadcast
  77. Perform a Spinzaku Kick
  78. Hypnotise someone using a pocket watch
  79. Figure out how to do a Shoot the Moon trick
  80. Fire a watermelon using a catapult
I'll add more later. I do realize that a lot of those things aren't as grand as climbing a mountain but most of those things are things I want to do For the Lulz - some even cross into the For the Evulz region. I am looking forward to the day when I can finish off this entire list

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