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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Fate/Stay Night Movie!!

For those you who are unaware, it has been recently announced that Fate/Stay Night is getting a movie adaptation. Fans have been waiting for follow-up adaptations for Type-Moon's famous 2004 Visual Novel game since the release of the anime back in 2006. I know I have because after I finished watching it back then, I looked the game up and was delighted to discover that there are two other routes in the game and that the anime was a mix of the three routes with Fate being the main plotline. Needless to say that I myself was hoping to hear about an OVA for the other routes but as the years passed, I lost all hope for it... until now.

The company has set up a web site for the movie and my expectations for it are very high since the image on the site is hinting at an Unlimited Blade Works adaptation. A new story would be nice too but it better have Archer doing some actual fighting and a remix of his theme song. We'll also probably see some shout outs to the other type-moon works since they're all supposed to be in the same universe. Incidentally, CANAAN will be getting movies as well as part of a trilogy. I am expecting Kara no Kyoukai levels of animation for both of these movies.

For those of you who are too lazy to check out the site itself, here is the cause of my great anticipation:

If you are unaware of what to expect from an Unlimited Blade Works movie, here's what to expect:
  • Shirou being GAR
  • Archer being one GARsome bastard!
  • A look into Shirou's reason to be a hero
  • Rin as the heroine
  • More Lancer
  • Shirou's gang vs. Berserker at the Graveyard
  • Lancer vs. Archer part 2
  • Shirou vs. Archer
  • Saber vs. Kojiro
  • Shirou vs. Gilgamesh in civilian clothes
Look forward to the movie.

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