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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Manga Review: K-On!

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Title: K-On!
Author: Kakifly
Release: Monthly
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy
Art: A
Originality: A
Story: A
Characters: S
Humor: S
Action: B

Impression: K-On! is a series that will one day go down as a legendary overhype machine – one that will amaze people at the sheer magnitude of its hype. But to say that I’d have to be talking about the anime and not the manga, which is what I’m supposed to be reviewing. No doubt anime fans will already know that it’s about a group of girls who band together and form a light music club, hence the name K-On! (Karui Ongaku – Light Music). Contrasting the overrated value of the anime, I feel that the manga is underrated as I find it a hell lot funnier than the anime. I blame the director’s decision to slow down the pace and ruin the timing of the jokes from the manga. The manga still has that element of moe that the anime excels at but on a more bearable level for the more cynical readers. In exchange for that, we get lots of cute jokes that never fails to get a smile and a few chuckles out of me. My favourite character is Mugi, the rich blond ojou-sama with her Yuri-goggles and naive but surprisingly insightful personality. You can just imagine how much fun of a character she is just by the description.

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