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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The Beginning of The End of 2008

For some reason I had an ominous feeling when I typed out the title. Hope it doesn't turn out to be anything serious. First of all, you should notice that I've been changing backgrounds each post. This one is a CG pic from Fate/ Stay Night. I intend to stick with this one for a while so just turn down the contrast if the green hurts your eyes. Speaking of which, I was able to finish off the Fate storyline in 30 hours and the Unlimited Blade Works storyline in 21 hours. I would love to see Shirou vs. Gilgamesh animated, it is epic.

As you can see, I recently took a personality test that Rif had up on his blog. The test states that my personality type is INTP. I would have to say that's right as I took another test months ago that told the same thing although that one didn't suggest "Assassin" as a suitable career for me like this one did. Look below to see what I mean.

The fact that I actually do have the skills and mentality to work as an assassin should make my friends worry even more about that possiblity. Melvin and Sherwin were the ones who pointed this out the most last year and I think they're quite relieved that they're more than 5000 km away from me. Come to think of it there were quite a few other people who said similar things. Well at the very least, people should be glad to know I'm not one to hold grudges and kill people just because they annoy me. If I was, I'd have to say my intimidation factor would shoot through the roof. Then again, the fact that no one that I'm aquainted with is able to understand how I think might have already induced a fear of the unknown in them.

There are a few traits in that list that I have to correct though, don't want anyone to get even more confused about me. I DO think I'm weird but I also think everyone else is irrational, I AM punctual(at least with appointments, deadlines are another story) and I DON'T support the legalisation of marijuana.

I'm not sure whether to correct the comprimising thing but I use compromises to get things I want while making others think that it really is one while it was actually one of my contigencies. I do act without much planning but before I do act, I always run through every possible outcome in my head and devise several contigencies so that I can use them if I need to without adhereing strictly to any plans.

Truthfully, it's not "Happy People" I dislike but rather "Dull People" which is made up of a good number of "Happy People". Whether you are a dull person or not is my criteria for hanging out with acquaintances. I shall now explain how my interactions with people will explain how I view you as. This is pretty much a walkthrough on my interactions with sentient entities.

"Interesting People" & "Friends & Family"
Obviously, I'd be talking to these people on a regular basis. About a few times a week at least during the school term. My level of trust and interest in them also depends on how candidly I talk to them although lately I've been getting tired of holding back my thoughts around others, I don't have the patience to act "polite" when I'm tired or bored. If you're one of these people, then I have no problem lending you stuff or money, no strings attached. I would never be hesitant to call these people with an abbreviation of their names. Those who I have given multiple nicknames to are set as interesting people.

"Minions&Playthings" & "Boredom Killers"
I usually talk to these people as much as I do with my friends. If you talk to me a lot but it seems like I keep you at arms length away, chances are that you are one of these. Most of my friends overlap with these groups of people but have a higher level of trust from me than those who don't. I also talk candidly to this group of people. A good indicator of being in this group is if I give you a nickname based on your personality like "Lolibear" or "Shota-con". Those of you who I have given nicknames like these shouldn't feel insulted. It's not that I look down on you, it's that I recognize your ability to stand out among everyone else or that I can never remember your name. For these people, I'm willing to lend them my stuff in return for favors or on a whim if I feel like it.

"Acquaintances" & "Professionals"
Basically, I'd talk to these people when I'm around and usually end up trading stories with each other. No nicknames for these people and I usually don't deal with them outside of work or classes. I rarely talk candidly with these people. By professionals, I mean people who are simply working with me, like teachers. It's not that I don't find them boring, It's just that I have this instinctive sense of duty in me to treat these people as professionally as possible while working with them. Outside of that time, I might get along with them on better terms.

"Dull People" & "Books"
To clarify, I mean people who are too easy to figure out when I say "Books". Now people who think they feel that I might consider as one of these have justified reasons for feeling insulted. Again, it's not that I look down on others, I may be cocky to the point of arrogance but that's based on my own ability and not how others perform. In fact grades, talent and athletics don't have a role in how interesting people seem to me. It's how they think and interact with their surroundings that I base my interest in them on. When I do end up talking to "Dull People", I will usually be able to carry out a conversation with them related to certain topics but I would myself unmotivated to talk to them about anything else. With "Books", it varies as they may have certain qualities about them that would give them a one-time interestability. "Books" are people who have limited themselves to be one of a million others by having the "core" of their existences to be centred around something simple. I never talk candidly in front of these people and what I would do for them is limited within the scope of my convinience.

To be honest, I have found far more "Books" than any other categories of people in my life so far. "Books" are the kind of people you would be able to tell what their reason for existing is, their "cores", simply by looking at their actions. The reason I label them as books is because these people are as easy to read as books are. The easiest kind of people I can read are those who ultimately wish for a peaceful and happy life. It is these easily satisfied people that I find absolutely no interest in. "Books" could have the best brains, the most awards, most achievements and healthiest bodies in the world and I still wouldn't be the least bit interested in getting to know them because I already know their goals. I know people who have the potential to be among the best that humanity has to offer but are satisfied with small expendable roles in society and they don't interest me in anyway. It shouldn't surprise me that these are also the easiest people to predict reactions for and hence are the easiest people for me to manipulate not that I need to as I usually only do this to avoid trouble. On another note, anyone who is a "Book" is someone that I can alter their "core" easily as I am very good at understanding the flaws in beliefs and actions of humans but doing that goes against my principles as an observer. This personal term of mine is called so because saying that I view these people on the same level as potatoes would imply that I am a cannibal, which I'm not, I can hardly stand people's various body odours.

It amuses me that school teacher is listed as a disfavoured carreer as well but that pretty much is based on how I view people which is pretty much the reason why I'm not a very sociable person. It really marks me as one of the odd ones in both sides of my family as quite a number of them are teachers. Stay at home parent is also on that list and my restlessness really shows when I say I want to work for the W.H.O. someday. Movie star is on that list too but I believe that I'm quite a good actor when I want to be. The ability to act is essential for pranks after all, but I do have to say that I wouldn't want to be a a movie star. Modern culture seems to have overglorified people with such talents far too much to the point that I am convinced that movie stars and music artists have replaced those wordship statues of the past. I really can't understand why people would be so... frantic about meeting someone famous.

Momento Mori - Latin phrase meaning "Remember that you will die" is quite appropriate here as that is the reason why I don't bother memorizing any of their names unless their work is exceptional. The fact is, celebrities are the most expendable kind of people out there. They will eventually get replaced by other things (I really mean objects, not just people) in the future when they lose attention. People die every single second and these people are all the same once they're dead, no potential whatsoever. It doesn't need to be said that if I needed to sacrifice someone so that I could save others, I'd sacrifice these types of people first. Even "Books" are more useful than they are.

I'll continue this another time.

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