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Saturday, 6 December 2008

Weapon Mastery: C

As you can see I have added a music player up there that contain ten of currently favoured anime songs, go and give them a listen if you want to hear some really damn good songs. I never thought I'd see the day where someone would sing "Libera Me" From Hell as an acappella song but here it is. And they aren't half bad at it either.

The world really is filled with all sorts of people, isn't it. Anyways, it seems that there's more to what I said about me being naturally proficient with weapons. It's not just close range weapons and guns(I score a lot of head shots in time crisis and I once intentionally shot my cousin in his tailbone with an airgun on dare) but apparently I can add bows and arrows to that list too. I played around with a make shift bow and arrow set today and after the first few shots, I was able to hit two or three inches away from my intended target. Not bad for a guy who's never used one. Must have something to do with my high class intuition that allows me to score a basket backwards to the net.

I guess I can say the same for knife throwing(haven't practiced with real ones yet but plastic kunai are good too) as well since I do hit what I'm aiming at but I only shoot them knife-edge first half the time. I remember that I was the only one who could manage to get the boomerang khai brought a couple of years ago to fly back in a circle twice. Didn't catch it though, that thing was hard and big and crashed into the roof before it could hurt anyone.

I've also been able to use everyday objects as weapons. I once used a small rug to block a soccer ball flying my way. Why did I do that when I could have just stepped aside? 1. I had the rug in my hands. 2. I reacted instinctively to the ball and 3. It was a lot cooler than just side-stepping the ball. I have been known to use jump ropes as whips to atempt indiana jones-like whipping techniques but the best I can do with them is grab onto something. Then there are the times where some people got in the way of my card throwing and ended up with paper cuts. I'm good at playing and throwing them.

A tricky thing I want to try is using coins as bullets and my hand as the gun. In Mahou Sensei Negima, one characters shot coins at lethal speeds and with high damaging ability and I thought it looked interesting. If I do figure it out, it won't be the only thing I learnt from that manga. I've picked up certain movements in chinese boxing and an incomplete version of that instant movement trick. I say incomplete because I have trouble doing that consciously while standing still. It's easier while moving but for some reason, the best results i get with this is when I use it instinctively. I've recorded myself doing this and I can reach around 5m at most in a less than second. Main drawback is that I can only do three successive attempts at most and the distance covered decreases with each one. I've been doing this for 3 years now and I still haven't gotten that much closer to the level in the manga which I understand is physically impossible but humans are known to be capable of the most unbelieveable stunts.

Even though I though I am a supporter of the idea that everything's better with swords, I have to say that a normal length sword really doesn't suit me. I'm more comfortable with having both hands occupied or free and I feel like I'll leave big openings if I use two handed weapons. I'd have to say that I handle knives or shortswords better than I do with normal ones. There's a joke among the fans of Gundam 00 that Setsuna's uneconomical habit throwing of beam sabers is the real reason why the 00 has such few weapons. The range of normal sword really isn't suitable for close range combat either and I usually end up using weapons more fore defense rather than attacking. My way of fighting is to waste as little energy as possible while executing the most effective move in disabling them. In other words striking their critical points and scoring one hit K.O.'s.

I have this strange feeling that in a "fair" one on one fight agaisnt another person with roughly the same stats as mine, there's a good chance of me being unable to finish my opponent quickly. However, put me in a situation where anything goes even if it's against multiple enemies, then there is a very good chance that I'd come on top.

Why do I think that? For one thing, as strange as it sounds, I find things people find hard to do are easy for me while I easily make silly mistakes doing things for others find simple. Second is that despite me running out breath quickly, my endurance and insensitivity to pain make it seem like I always have plenty of HP to spare so I can simply shrug off any attack they send my way. Another thing is that I subconsciously limit the amount of effort I put into doing things so that I can perform things efficiently, as in low input gives reasonably high output, but when I suddenly feel the urge to ignore that demand for efficiency, my stats would increase as if I was in a berserk status. I've done this sometimes during sports when I feel competitive because I just didn't want to lose and my body ends up overheating for about several minutes after the game is finished making me wait a while until my body calms down.I am currently incapale of doing that without using an emotion to trigger that status. The biggest reason why I wouldn't lose in an "unfair" fight is because my tactics won't be limited in such a fight. I am capable of instantly thinking of the most effective and most brutal ways to take someone down if I see them as threat. The fact that I have the disadvantage would allow me to ignore the desire to show mercy and instead display ruthless tactics that would truly earn me the right to say I went berserk on them.

I don't think anyone has seen me really get angry in these past few years. The scariest angry people are the quiet ones. Incidences where I actually feel anger(at least not fury, I still feel the cold calm kind of anger though) is zero since 2005 mainly because I have the emotional stability of a flatliner. This means that even in a fight, i'd be able to think calmly, the state of nothingness or "mushin" as they say in kendo. I was quite amused when I realized that the mental state that most martial try to discipline themselves into attaining was something I could achieve simply by being myself. I do have to wonder wht they mean by the mind's eye though cause in fate/ stay night, the mind's eye is described as the ability to predict as many possible actions that can be taken and their outcomes in an instant, which i do passively as well. In any case, I'm not someone who should be underestimated during a real fight as anything goes, and if anything goes, the one who can see everything wins.

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