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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

24th December, Another Day Before Another Holiday

Well my polls are over and I'm somewhat amused and slightly disappointed by the fact that only two people voted on each. Oh well. I am curious about what one of those two said they would destroy the world. I wonder if it's someone I know but everyone's entitled to their own opinions so I won't bother with that. I have to say one thing though, should anyone actually intend to carry that out, I will deal with them mercilessly. As much as I am meant to be an observer, it's not going to be fun for me if that happens.

I approve of the intention to improve technology, though if it's to destroy the world again be prepared to die. As idiotic as humans can be, I honestly hope no one is that big of an idiot. Seriously, what's the point in doing so? Any TV show that has the villain doing that for the sake of destroying the world is asking to be cancelled. Can't say much about whoever put up that they wanted watch over the world, but my guess they're probably after a sense of achievement or want to be remembered in history.

Now, onto the other poll. Whoever thinks that I'd establish worldwide peace has to either be someone whose name I do not know of but know of me or an incredibly trusting person. I wouldn't bother with something as meaningless as that. War, famine and disease are a necessary part of the world's balance whether you'd like to admit it or not. Conflict is the very nature of survival. It's not in the best interest of the world if there's worldwide peace. Especially considering the current problems the world is facing, another population explosion is not going to help. But that doesn't mean I endorse war, I simply accepted the fact that it's unavoidable no matter how much we want to stop it.

Hmm... Messing with people... That is something I love doing but I have no intention of doing something that wide-scale. Besides if I did that as the ruler of the world, there's no way I'm going to get an honest opinion of how well it went.

I'm pretty sure I've told a few people this but I have no intention of ever ruling the world. Conquering sounds like a fun challenge but when it comes to ruling, that's not something I would ever want to do. Even though I could easily figure out solutions to problems the world faces, I'm quite sure people would start questioning my morals. I can see the most efficient ways to do things and they often disregard the values that people believe in. Ethics really do conflict with progress a lot.

I have no real wish to change the world. I'll always like it as it is because the world would be boring if I knew what was going to happen. Besides it's not my place to my place to judge others or tell them what's wrong and it's more interesting to see them work it out for themselves. So basically if I ever did conquer the world, I'd leave maintenence up to someone else and go off looking for something else to do though I'd probably set up countermeasures for myself just incase whoever that decides that I'm a potential threat.

I really do wonder a lot exactly what makes me think so differently from normal people. I grew up in a stable and peaceful enviornment, I've grown up without any particular mental or physical disorders. I've taken tests to see for myself and the condition that would've best explained why I'm the way I am wasn't anywhere close to being affected by it. Looking from an objective point of view, I certainly present many symptoms found in Asperger's Syndrome but that isn't the reason for my "self". My ability to interact with people and my view of the world are not exactly typical for both normal people or people with this condition soI don't fit into either category.

It's not like I am actively trying to be different from other people but it's just that I do whatever I feel like doing my approach will be different enough to draw attention. No matter how much I try to blend in with other people, it's quite clear that I am something quite different from a typical person. To begin with, there's no way a normal person would try to be normal, normal people would wish to be rich, famous, meaningful, happy and extraordinary. I don't really have a desire to be any of those things, when those things come to me, i'd simply use them to entertain myself and move onto something else once I'm done.

I've mentioned many times that I can be confident to the point of being cocky. Just to what extent am I confident. I'm pretty sure how I'm going to phrase it is going to be ridiculously audacious that some people may actually balk when they read it. Here it goes:

"To Me, To Do Something Is Not A Whether Or Not I Can, It's How Long It'll Take Me To Become Capable Of Doing it"

As delusional as that might sound to some of you, I believe that human beings are capable of anything they set their mind to. "Where there's a will, there's a way" as the saying goes and by that, if I want to get something done, it will get done one way or another. It's a shame that not many people believe in themselves enough to go for their dream. Although I have to admit there are things that are physically impossible for me to do. If I didn't, I'd definitely qualify for a mental disorder and I'm quite certain that I am sane.

I do have a theory that could explain why I am like this. The world is all about balance. If the scales tip too much to one side I, things won't turn out well. As such, I believe that there is a reason for everything. The phrase "With Great Power Comes Great Responsiblity" is a good way to phrase it. But for me, it's not something that noble. It's more of a transaction. Equivalent exchange. The reason I ended up this way was because I needed to be this way to do something. By that, I mean that I have something that I am fated to do in exchange for my stats. Kind of like a credit card, enjoy now and pay for it later.

In any case, I would like to take this opportunity to brag that my 00 Raiser set has arrived in my handler's hands and I will retireve it when I get a chance to do so. I want to build that thing so badly... To my knowledge, Bandai has never set up a light up gimmick in their gunpla so this is damn worth the two month wait.

I would also like to say that the doctor who episodes on BBCE this and last week were excellent! The Weeping Angels have to be the best monster concept I've heard of and the creepiest one to deal with. Imagine being in a situation where your life depends on not ever blinking and keeping your eyes on them. Loads of thumbs up to whoever came up with that. The current reincarnation of the master was just as brilliant. Someone with the personality of a bratty child being the Doctor's arch-nemesis, I'm really looking forward to next week's episode.

The 2008 christmas special will also be on in UK tomorrow where the next incarnation of the doctor is supposed to premier in. If that guy in the video really is the next doctor, I probably won't like him as much as Tennant's potrayal. My first impression of him is that he looks like one of those cheesy all american heroes from 90's movies. If he's really going to be that kind of character, viewership will probably drop until they get a better hook for the 5th season. On a side note, the doctor's going use a sword to fight against cyber-men so that's pretty damn cool.

Here's the sneak peek, enjoy:

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