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Sunday, 28 December 2008

My Body Aches

Seriously it does. I also have a few itchy places that give me the urge to scratch thanks to a bunch of sand fleas. Accursed sand fleas.

While I do have the ability to ignore pain as easily as flipping a switch, to the extent that I surprised myself when I realized that it really was THAT easy, it doesn't help that doing so makes it easier for me to injure and add to the pain when i'm not trying to ignore the pain.

Why is my body wracked with so much pain? It's because I went to beach and walked six kilometers on sand from my grandpa's beach house to the end of the Tutong sand spit and back, wearing flip-flops accompanied by my cousin yesterday. I swear that the gap between my big toes and the ones next to them have gotten larger thanks to that experience. Seriously, never wear flip-flops on a long walk. Flip-flops are called "selipar jepun" in Brunei for those of you who are Bruneian and are not aware of what flip-flops are.

My main topic for today is that walk on the beach. A very painful and exhaustive walk across sand wearing flip-flops. On this walk, me and my cousin made some very interesting discoveries. People leave a hell lot of junk on the beach. And all kinds too. You might not believe this but I saw three different broken washing machines on the way to the end. Here's a list of the various other things we found:
  • 3 Varieties of florescent bulbs
  • A Broken Tv
  • Several Bottles of Vodka
  • A woman's handbag that my mom and aunt say would've cost hundreds when it was new despite the fact that my backpack which has a larger capacity cost me about B$30. (I don't think I'll ever understand why people have such a fascination with branded clothing. If two shirts look the same except for one having a name stitched into it that raises the price by a ridiculous amount, the smart choice would be not to waste money)
  • Several species of oyster mushrooms. First time I've seen them in white, purple, orange and brown.
  • A fish farm. Which we snuck into through a back entrance.
  • Rollerblades.
  • A spork the size of my hand. (Why would anyone ever want to throw this away?)
  • An actual original coke bottle.
  • A raft
  • A Ben 10 toy.
  • A gigantic tree root.
  • An unfinished house which looked impressive.
  • A Smoke Grenade
I am not making that last one up. We actually found a Smoke Grenade, vintage 05/06. what they were doing, I have no idea, but it's still a smoke grenade. Check it out right here along with a bunch of other pictures.

Smoke Grenade

Giant Root

Oyster Mushroom

A Raft

An unfinished house with a pool.
Fish Farm, no one was there at the time.

From 90% of the journey towards the end.

From 90% of the journey back. I can't even see where we started from from.

Tower at end of the sand spit.

Sand spits opposing each other, approximately half a km away.
At the Sand Spit's end, facing the river

The Sky, quite beautiful at that place

I also found a really walking stick to use which really helped a during the walk back. It also helped me learn a few tricks I can use while handling a scythe or a staff in a fight. I actually learnt how to use it to fling things on the ground wherever I want. Including some freshly cut leafy branches of a coconut tree. I flung something that's bigger than I am over my head more than 5 meters ahead of me. Some of the twigs and dead plants that I used to practice with actually broke up into smaller pieces because of how fast I was flinging them. You can see it in this picture of me posing at the edge with my back to the South China Sea.

To explain why my shirt and pants look strange in this pic I'll say that the wind was blowing from behind and I was carrying a grenade in my right pocket. And those aren't shoes I'm wearing, they're socks and flip-flops. I wore socks to stop sand fleas from attacking my feet again. If I wasn't wearing socks, I'm sure that the sides of my toes would have been rubbed raw from the flip-flops. Also for some reason, animals have been trying to make personal contact with me yesterday for some reason. Six different insects from the size of my thumb to the size of my middle finger crashed into me yesterday for some reason. That's not even counting the number of bloodsuckers(No twilight fans, not vampires, vampires don't exist, particularly ones that *LOL* sparkle) that saw me as a meal. Even a cat purred against my legs while I was heating some food at my grandpa's house. Heck, even my three month old cousin, laughed when I baby talked her even though she doesn't usually react that easily. I wonder for what reason that could be.

As you can probably tell from my remark on Twilight fans that I find the series to be an utterly unoriginal story that was most likely based on a twisted fantasy that the author had as teenage girl that I'm willing to bet that girls around here also seem to have considering the hype of this book. Basically, 90% of the Naruto fanfictions at I checked the problems with this series at Tv Tropes and found some very big flaws listed under the "Just Bugs Me" page of the series. It seems that judging a book by its a cover was more than enough for this book.

Finally, I got hold of the 2008 Dr. Who christmas special and overall, it was a decent episode but I would like to say that they did an excellent job with the CGI Cyber King. Very nice design and sequence. David Tennant is still going to be the Doctor seeing as David Morrisey wasn't really the next doctor so here's hoping that they find a really good successor. Not going to be easy though, that guy starred in more than half of the most popular Dr. Who episodes in the past few decades.

Favourite quote of the episode:
Hartigan: What do you make of me sir? An idiot?
Doctor: No. Question is, what do you make of me?

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