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Friday, 28 November 2008

End of School Year, 2008

People who've read my entries should remember me mentioning that I've been having vividly lucid dreams everyday, what I realized today is that my passage of time seems to be intact even while I'm dreaming so now it seems to me that I'm conscious 24/7. Shame that my sense of taste isn't in there too cause I was eating this huge Sloppy Joe sandwich the size of a desk. And I don't mean the ones in school, I mean those work desks that you use in offices or to place your desktop. I even had to eat it with a fork and spoon and even though I couldn't taste it, the damn thing had the perfect texture for such a sandwich meaning it would have been damn good if it was real.

As the title says, today's the last day of school for the year so I have a very good reason for celebrating today. Add that to my sniper worthy high score of 2390 against the former 1500 at the skeet shooting game(I seem to have a high affinity with the handling of weapons for some reason) at the mall Happyland arcade yesterday and I am in a good enough mood to get back to the painstaking work of translating manga. I was supposed to get back to send in the script asap but translating half of the wrong chapter bummed me out too much for me to get back immediately. Playing Fate/Stay Night didn't help with that either since it takes a whole lot of time to even finish one arc. Normally i'd have games finished within 20 hours of playing but visual novels really are something.

While I playing through the game, I noticed quite a few of the funnier lines that Rin had in the game were things that Shirou said were only capable of devils. If I use Shirou's statement as a standard then that would probably make me one too since I have said and carried out highly similiar threats. The comment on how normal people don't say scary stuff with a straight face was quite an interesting way to define it. I always wondered why some people would look amazed at some of the stuff I'd say, I didn't think what I say really are that unsual. I just thought they were things that people would eventually figure out in life and that I just figured them out a lot sooner since a test I took said my mental age would 37, twice as old as my physical age.

Because of this, I now realize that even though I can still look at things from my own, other peoples' and objective points of view concerning external matters, I simply can't understand how people think of me. It's hard to answer a question that you know the answer to with another people believe to be correct. So for the purpose of finding out what people think of me, I am posting a poll on what I would do once I've conquered the world. That's half seriously on my list of things to do by the way and I'm one of those people who could actually do that if I wanted to.

I'll leave you with this video of an amazing violinist.

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