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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Clannad After Story OP and Funny Online Tests

Haven't posted anything in a long time until now and that's because of a few online tests I took moments ago. I got some pretty interesting results as you can see on the right. Apparently I've risen from highly gifted to Genius in the past 3 years. I think I shall start going around telling people that I'm worth $US 2,910,000 alive and only $US 3720 dead. That should be a good enough reason to keep me alive. Go ahead and try them out yourselves.

Now onto the other thing on my agenda, this:

CLANNAD After Story Opening

CLANNAD After Story Opening Full


I’m only looking at the spilling hourglass
When I turn it upside-down, look, it starts up again
I wonder if I’ll be able to someday enter
The advancing time that only ticked away

Midway on the slope that only you passed through
Many warm spots of sunshine appeared
Here by myself, I’m reminiscing
About the tender warmth

It’s only you, it’s only you
Who I loved
My eyes tear up in the wind
And you become distant

I’ll remember forever
Even if just about everything changes
It was just one, it was just one
Ordinary thing
But in the brilliance that I’ll show you, there’s only one thing that was fulfilled
I’ll protect it forever and ever

The chilly days continue, even though it’s already spring
On a morning when I woke up earlier than the alarm clock
You’re standing there
Making breakfast for three

It’s only you, it’s only you
Who isn’t by my side
Up until yesterday, you were right by my side, looking at me

It’s only you, it’s only you
Who I loved
It’s a song that I sing
Only with you, only with you
It’s our, it’s our
Time passed together
I don’t want to
Continue on my own

I’ll remember forever
Even if this town changes
No matter how much sorrow I’m to encounter
I’ll show you when I was truly strong
C’mon, let’s go; we’ll start walking on the sloped road

It's an incredibly beautiful song for an incredibly beautiful anime (At least it should be if Kyo-ani sticks to the sequence in the game). The song itself is very fitting considering the heroine of the story and her storyline. I've pretty much read every bit of the game's scenario from online translations and I am of the opinion that it's the best Visual Novel out there. Even I who possess a poker face and a heart made of granite almost succumbed to the fate of tearing up at the normal ending. If you thought that Kotomi and Fuuko's story arcs of the first season of the anime were tearjerkers(they are for most people, many things say I'm not), the normal ending which is hinted at in the song is will break you down like humpty dumpty. I suspect that period will last one week if you're following the anime weekly and 10 minutes during a marathon watch.

It's with much regret that I still do not have an adequate enough mastery over japanese to play through a visual novel but nevertheless I still want to buy the game (When the english patch comes out, I'll be sure to enjoy the game myself).

Speaking of buying things, I wasn't able to procure enough money to buy another set of Gunpla with my 00 special kit but i guess that alone will satiate my need to build gundams(the fact that the GN-ARMS I wanted to buy was sold out didn't help either). Not only is it non Master Grade 1/100 that's has the quality of one, I believe it's also the first to employ a light up gimmick on it's GN drives.

1/100 GN-0000 Gundam 00

I'll definitely be getting this one too next year, most likely the 1/100 scale.

1/144 HG Gundam Seravee

Same goes for this one

1/144 GN-XXX Gundam Rasiel Sefer

These new models are truly droolworthy. I'll leave you with a picture of the Graham who is not Graham, Mistah Bushido! I did not draw it but this is still a ridiculously awesome fanart of a ridiculously awesome masked man!

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