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Friday, 21 November 2008

On early holiday~

About a week or so till school ends and I've taken an early holiday. Shame I'll be missing tomorrows's teacher's day event but happy teacher's day to all the teachers in school anyway. However this end of exams and schoolworks have not lifted me out of the pits of despair completely as the Yen is still damn high. I'm in despair because the delivery cost for delivering my 00 gundam will be astronomical T-T.

However, I will not let that get me down for I have found some videos that will cheer people up quite easily. Her'es the first one which happens to be my favorite pick of them all:

I went LOL when I started seeing them do that. It reminded me of that joke where the Madgascar penguins curse the evolutionist, Darwin, for their lack of thumbs. I also loved the part where their leader, Skipper, considered taking over the place and refrenced Iraq by saying that they should impose an ideology that no one asked for and conquer. Go penguins!

Next up is the song that Will.I.Am. made for Obama's victory. It's got a catchy beat to it and it is perfect for celebration.

Then there's the infamous toughbook. I saw it for sale at the mall the other day and this vid really showed exactly how tough the toughbook is.

Here's an AMV for the Lucky Star OP, Motteke Sailor Fuku, involving resident evil. You won't get it unless you're a fan of both.

Code Geass fans will get a kick out of this one. Lelouch, singing Motteke Sailor Fuku.Lol.

That's about it for now. Chances are I'll find some more tomorrow. G'night.

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