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Sunday, 12 October 2008

Gundam DONE! Ordering NEXT!

It's been a week since I finally got hold of the gunpla I ordered and I am very impressed with how well made they were. Especially the GN-X since that thing is a true badass! Other than that, I am have been wondering why is it that all the other boys in my generation of the family scream like little girls. Seriously, I'm not a screamer and my voice has a low pitch so i doubt that me screaming would sound like theirs(the idea of me screaming at all would be a very worrisome thing to think about as it is) but i do have to wonder at why is it they scream like little girls.

It's been two years since I built the last one I bought in Miri, so it took me longer to make them and my technique seems to have become shaky since then. That's why I built my GN-X before I built my Dynames. You can find more uncleaned cuts on my gn-x because of that.

Here are the pics of my GN-X and Dynames:



And here's a few pics of all my other ones:

And some gag pics:

Badass Motivational

My 144 models carrying my bokken

Dynames Trans-Am

To finish this post up, I am announcing that I am reserving the 1/100th scale 00 gundam + 0 Riser special kit that will be coming out in december which will cost me about 100 brunei dollars if the world fininacial problems keep at this rate and that I am also planning to order the 1/144 scale GN-ARMS Type E + Exia if I get enough money. In total I need to pay at least 9995 Yen(that's without the shipping cost which will be enormous considering how many parts will be in both kits and the box sizes) so that means I must gather the necessary amount of funds before december. My friends will probably think of me as obssesive but the fact is while owning 11 still standing models is impressive in Brunei, that number hardly means anything on an international level. There are many out there who own far more models than I do so this realy means nothing compared to them. Besides these things are worth it.

So in order for me to be the sole individual in Brunei to own the 00 + 0 riser kit and a GN-ARMS (which is quite likely considering that not even adults i know who are into gundams look into the possibilty of online shopping) I am selling all of my japanese manga and cd's at 50%-60% of the amount I paid for them. I will post a list of of what they are on the side panel as a list. I will only be able to sell these items to people at school so unless you go to where i go, no sell to you. Contact me if you are interested.

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