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Thursday, 2 October 2008

I sense that puasa is over...

First things first, Selamat Hari Raya to all of you celebrating it.

It's the start of a new a lunar month and that means I no longer have to restrain myself from eating anytime I want. I probably should watch how much I eat in the next few days as the risk of diabetes is much higher during raya.

Now onto the main topic of this post, my senses. I always knew that my senses are a bit more sensetive than most people I know. Yesterday I realized exactly how sensitive my senses

I was sitting on the couch in the upstairs living room which by the way the farthest room from the kitchen in terms of walking distance when I smelled what I thought was cheezy bites
crust pizza which I thought was strange since we had Tasconi's pizza and not pizza hut.

Two minutes later, my little sister came into the room with freshly reheated pizza slices. I was pretty surprised at how I could smell the pizza all the way from kitchen. It's also interesting to note that Tasconi's uses the same flour that pizza hut uses in their cheezy bites.

Edmond once commented that I was just like a dog because of how i could tell where this odd smell was coming from during class a few months ago but that was in a confined room so
I didn't really think much of it. But even I have to be impressed at how far I smelled the pizza from this time.

I guess that means that people probably don't usually smell each other's breath when they sit next to each like I can. I always thought everyone just knew to keep breathing through
their mouth during friday prayers.

Seriously, it's much more preferable to breathe through the mouth than it is to wait for your nose to desensitize to their breaths. My nose usually desensitizes in about three minutes so you'll have to trust me on that.

I even once thought at how similar we are to animals when it comes to using our sense of smell. We use it to tell whether or not the food we eat is safe to eat just like animals do. We use it as measure of attractiveness when it comes to social interactions just like animals though it's on a less intrusive level. We even use it to tell us when there's a threat nearby. Well at least I do, I usually stay away from anyone who reeks regardless of whether it's perfume or body odour. If I can smell them then they are close enough to cause me harm. Sure that's kind of a paranoid thing to do but it works.

As for how my other senses have an edge over others, they seem to be more adapted to detecting potential dangers to my health. I really do wonder why that is... Even the way i
feel pain seems to be adapted for handling that stuff. Come to think of it I can recall many times where people wouldn't believe me when I said something that happened to
me didn't hurt but I just passed that off as something guys could handle better than girls because it's usually the girls who ask me that. I mean pain is simply a mechanism in our body that warns us when something has harmed the body. I simply acknowledge that something's wrong and ignore the rest of the sensation since a one time warning is enough for me. That one time a friend of mine accidentally socked me in the face with the metal watch did make tears come out
but that was more of a reflex cause I was more concerned about my nose feeling blocked up than the pain. I found that a pretty funny incident cause I my expression didn't match the tears.

My sense of taste is quite a bit more sensitive to texture and flavors than others as well. It's the reason I can't handle most of my grandmother's cooking. She uses a lot of spices which a
lot people seems to like. I think it's what they refer to as a cat's tongue since I really don't like spicy stuff. For example, whenever I tell people why I hate onions they really don't seem to get why I use texture as the reason. I really don't like the texture of onions because they overpower the rest of the dish when you bite into them. I mean those things are crunchy so if I bite into a piece, it feels like I'm grinding my front teeth. I can't even enjoy a good bowl of noodles if they added too much oil and it's floating on the surface of the soup. I'd probably be a good candidate for food poisoning tester.

My sense of touch does seem to be a bit more adapted for this as well. Just by touching something I can tell how fragile the structure is. It even helps me with finding spots on the body
that i can press to cause pain. Couple that with knowledge of the anatomy and I could easily break bones.

My sense of hearing seems to have a much easier time to hear distant and quiet sounds than most people though it seems to have also adapted to hear a where a voice is coming from than what the voice is actually saying. Adlan once pointed out that I notice anomalies in small details before the big picture when he made a joke using some stationary. There was this one joke
that me and Sherwin didn't get but everyone else got it. It was only until I realized superman had S on his chest that I realized why he always shopped for small sized clothes.

My sense of sight only has an advantage at night since I'm short sighted. I have excellent night vision but that's also a bit of a weakness as I can't really handle overly colourful and bright objects. It's the main reason why I prefer clothes that have dark colors like brown and dark green.

My sense of time is also pretty good. Colin and Melvin kept trying to disprove it by asking me to guess the time. 90% of the time I guess one minute too early from the time on the clock,
5% is that i hit the bull's eye and the rest of the time they get a better guess than mine. Maybe it's because I count time in clicks than actual numbers.

The hardest one for people to accept around here is that I can sense the location and threat level of entities of the other realm. That's pretty weird considering how superstitious Bruneians are though maybe it's because they just don't want to know when those things are around. There was this one time I decided to prove to some skeptics about my proficiency with matters of that world at the farewell dinner. They seemed rather spooked when I brought them in front of this room where there was something in the room cause they realized that the area around there was an unusual chilly air around there after I told them what to look out for. It's one of the main reasonsi find horror movies more humorous than scary. I have to remember to laugh out loud next time I watch one with my cousins so I can freak them out. I should mention that despite
what people say and the ridiculously high number of trauma victims caused by the movie "The Exorcist", I found it terribly boring and mundane. How the hell was that the scariest movie of the last century? I even watched that past midnight and I had to do my best to not fall asleep. To clarify, I really did watch the original version of the movie and not the sequels, which by the way weren't scary either.

I'll leave you with a warning. There is a strange phenomena that follows me during this season where lemang seems to vanish wherever I go.

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