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Friday, 1 August 2008

Butterfly Effect - My Actions, A Perfect Example of It

For the past a few days a lot of things have been happening around me and my incredibly strong intuition tells me that tomorrow will be a busy day for me. I am getting this premonition that I will somehow cause something to happen again.

I was actually surprised and thoroughly amused that I can influence people so easily. I even inspired some people to pull some things at school. For example, last Monday a friend of mine told me that he was annoyed at how some of the fanfiction for a game he likes had a certain element that he didn't like. I asked him what that was and his answer was that the element was "yuri". I can see why a girl wouldn't like that but he said that I was being dirty for telling him that it was normal for guys to like that( A very big hypocritical paradox considering what kind of anime he watches, the guy ignores story value and simply goes on praising shows that I wouldn't even bother watching for their "graphics").

Then he told one of my other classmates who had become a lolicon because of various incidents including involved me accidentally giving him a now very fitting nickname that me and the others who were present at its debut at the time couldn't stop laughing whenever someone brought it up that day due to its very humorous nature. From what I know, I think it started when I lent him my Mahou Sensei Negima CD's back in form 3, there were some questionable things he said after he watched them. Though now I am regretting it as he seems to be becoming a very dangerous individual towards young girls( I am actually finding ways to remedy this situation and also training my little sister in self defence for when she gets older. I am already annoyed by boys her age that I know and I hope the self defence will help her drive them off should they become bigger nuiscances.).

Anyway, back to the story. Both them mocked me for what I said(both of them have very similar tastes in anime) even after the girls around at the time agreed with what I said. The lolicon even tried to give me a nickname that doesn't fit me at all. The thing with nicknames is that they have to fit the person they're given to and apparently I have yet to meet anyone who actually came up with one that actually fit me. The word "unique" is often attributed to me though. I mean really, am I that mysterious and different that people have so much trouble trying to describe what I'm like. Even the freshmen this year seem to be afraid of me simply because I don't like to tuck in my uniform after classes. Whenever I need to go "bomb Japan" (Any japanese people reading should not feel insulted as that phrase seems to have been made up by someone in my P.E. classes years ago and it doesn't exactly have to be japan that's bombed. Some people even substitute it for america and italy) at the toilets in their building in the afternoon, I always seem to startle them whenever I come out of the toilet.

Then again, I remember getting the same reactions when I went to the mall to watch dark knight two weeks ago from various people. I wasn't even trying to sneak up on anyone but I somehow manage to scare people just by putting on my normal expression(Bored just so you know. Thanks to that I can't use the phrase "Why so serious?" as effectively as other people can.). Aside from that people seem to think that I'm being serious or diligent while I have that expression on my face while doing something.

Damn... I got sidetracked again. I'm not going through the trouble of deleting that as that itself makes my entry more interesting(I think). The next day, they still tried to mock me but that was quickly dampered when one of our male friends agreed with me. The looks on their faces... funny was the only way I could describe it. Eventually it somehow ended up with asking a whole lot of guys the same question and thanks to that I now have new insights on some of the people I know and a small amount of blackmail material to use agaisnt the ones who have girlfriends. Right now, one of my closest friends is even holding a poll about it on his blog.

Incidentally I did manage to find a way to strike down those two guys who wouldn't believe me by saying a few gruesome facts about some of the anime they watch. Those two can be quite stubborn at times and it is fun to watch them try to deny the cold hard facts that I have for them.

I should also mention that I have also started a movement to bring parkour to MS simply by showing a video and that I planned to do the same things in it. So far I have accumulated about 3 confirmed partakers, 2 unconfirmed ones and 5 people for support staff. I'm going to have a fun December this year. Just need to prepare the ninja suit for that day.

Looking all this over, I do seem to lead quite a fun life. I wonder what tomorrow will bring. My intuition tells me I will cause something and from past experience and several testimonies from my friends and family it is going to happen no matter what i do.

I am going to have a fun day tomorrow.

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